Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Swedish Style Cottage

I remember selling, from my very first shipment, a Swedish sideboard to a couple wanting to freshen-up their screened porch.  Upon delivering the sideboard, I suggested converting their porch into a conservatory with the following: change the laminate wood floors to slate (to tie in with the exterior terrace); replace the screens with glass windows and transoms (to make the conservatory a year round room); and, paint the ceiling a dove grey (to complement the new slate floor and Swedish sideboard). 

Thrilled with the look of their new conservatory, the couple--now dear friends--decided the rest of their home needed updating. While the home was full of period charm and mahogany antiques, it felt dark and enclosed.   

Nearly a decade later, this is now a light filled home with new French doors, bleached floors, warm gray walls, and Swedish antiques to complement the couple’s many collections. From American folk art to antique Persian carpets, I love how this home showcases the versatility of Swedish antiques.  

Please enjoy my photos of this lovely home rich with patina, history and charm.
The living room with Gustavian clock, Rococo tea table & American wingback chair.
Gustavian armchair & French screen anchoring a corner. Sofa from John Rosselli. Embroidered pillow from Chelsea Textiles.
The mantel is styled with antiques: vellum books, American weathervane & French mirror.
The conservatory with verdant views. I found the pair of Belgian clubchairs in Brussels.
Early American painted chair next to primitive bench with potted herbs & plants.
To open up the room, I removed the carpet & glass door on the built-in cabinet, allowing the creamware collection to be admired & used daily.
I knew this diminutive Swedish chest would be perfect under the American portrait.
A folksy Swedish candelabra illuminates, by candlelight, suppers in the dinning room.
 I want to thank Michelle & her husband for allowing us to tour their very special home! I am so grateful to have worked on their project :-)


  1. hi loi, thanks for sharing this beautiful home with us! wow - i love everything and you are right - i would not have thought to pair the swedish antiques with their folk and traditional things (i always think that swedish is best when strictly done) but they work so beautifully. in fact, now that i see this, i think the beauty is in the contrast many times. definitely versatile. i have a lot of "brown" furniture, which i do love, but maybe it is time for my first swedish antique. i will start saving...

    i love their conservatory - great windows and transoms. beautiful and airy!

    well done!
    xo terri

  2. Fantastic! I love that you left the oriental rug in the room even though it was not completely muted. It adds a nice bit of interest. I have been dying to put in slate floors on most of my first floor, they are both casual and elegant.

  3. These rooms are so beautifully furnished - so many treasures. I love the slate conservatory floor but really want to know how to achieve the pale floor in the living room. And, Loi, I need a Mora clock.

  4. What a lovely home.. I picked out several beautiful pieces I'd love to call my own! That tea table is especially gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. This home displays a calm presence and lovely details. I could live and design in the conservatory for a very long time. Really really beautiful. Appreciate the sharing Thanks!


  6. Loi

    The house is just lovely! I especially love the conservatory. Those Belgian chairs on the slate floor are to die for!

  7. Hi Loi,
    Fab - u - lous!
    This house looks the perfect setting for the Gustavian furniture.
    Thank you so much for sharing images with us.
    Have a great day.
    Ps, Re red tulips, it's strange, they don't make me as mad as I thought. They just make me laugh!!

  8. So beautiful! I will have to share these photos with my Mom. She has been looking to update her decor and has been trying to decorate around an oriental rug similiar to the one in the living room. I think this room will be the perfect inspiration for her.

  9. Beautiful job Loi,

    Such a lovely space. Combining styles well is an art. Your guidance has led them to create a charming home full of treasures they will admire and enjoy every day.
    I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work profiled here!

  10. Oh Loi, I'm blown away! Exquisite! You have a masterful eye for design. The colours blend seamlessly to create such a balanced and harmonious picture. Everything looks so right together, as if the house was always that way. Combining painted and dark wooden furniture is not easy but you get it soooo right! A gentle touch, nothing overblown or over-designed. You've created such a serene atmosphere in that garden room - it's stunning! I adore the three armed lamp on the table and the club chairs look beautiful AND comfortable. The folksy Swedish candelabra is an unexpected but perfect touch, as are the rustic table with potted herbs! I could go on and on!!! Love, love, love!


  11. Dear Loi,
    I love seeing the oriental rug and "brown" furniture mixed with painted furniture. Thank you for sharing photos of such a lovely home with many inspiring ideas.
    Best regards,

  12. WOW - this space looks like it's straight out of my Swedish Interiors book. I love EVERYTHING, the signature tone on tone, the Swedish gingham, the clock and certainly that conservatory - it makes the WHOLE house, I'd bet. Beautiful home and sounds like wonderful people!


  13. Good Morning Loi,
    As usual your talent has brought me to my knees. I have attempted to type a comment about 3 times and stop short each time because I just don't know where to start. Let me start this time by saying thank you myself to Michelle and her husband for allowing you to show photos of their home. Michelle's home is as lovely as she is. I could say so much but what I find so enjoyable when looking at photos on blogs and then reading the subsequent comments is what each person is smitten by. It reveals such individual diverse personal taste.
    I really could go on and on if I let myself get into picking apart these lovely photos and I don't want to bore anyone. The colors are so soothing and refreshing, the furniture is perfectly pulled together and the texture sprinkled in gives everything a wonderful balance. What a great idea suggesting a conservatory Loi.

  14. Loi,
    This house is decorated in the most wonderful way!! Oh dear I am in love!!! I love every single picture! Congratulations Loi! You are so talented!!! I hope you don't mind that I filed your pictures!
    Thank you for sharing this exceptional beauty with us and a huge thank you to the home owners!

  15. Loi,
    I love this look. It is what I would like to achieve in my own home. Life is so hectic, how nice it would be to have a home so peaceful and relaxing. What a great feeling this home has.

  16. OK, Loi. It is now official. I love EVERYTHING you do. I was in love with your shop, your home and your garden. With the pictures of Michelle's home and the ideas you incorporated, it is clear to me you create beauty with everything you touch. Please thank Michelle and her husband for letting us see her wonderful home.

  17. I could move right in! The conservatory is the slate. A wonderful and eclectic mix of antiques, painted pieces and Swedish, French and American elements. Thank you and the beautiful Michelle and husband for sharing these terrific photos of their lovely home! Take care, Laura

  18. To Michelle, Your tea table is 2die4. I can't stop looking at it. Also love the Swedish Rococo and Gustavian chairs and all the things from Tone on Tone. The glass windows in your conservatory are just fabulous in design. Summer

  19. Loi, what a beautiful home. I love the simplicity and at the same time so elegant. Wonderful images.

  20. Hi Loi,

    I've only recently discovered your blog and am so grateful (and psyched!)that I did. Although I've always admired Swedish design, after having viewed (and studied!)today's pictures, which are more like paintings, I have a whole new respect for this style. This cottage is both serene and radiant. It honours the historical aspect by evoking warmth and charm but is very much present with freshness and moderation. Looking forward to your upcoming posts. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Thank you, Poppy! :-) I really appreciate your visit and comment!! If you have a blog, please let me know....would love to check out. Have a great weekend, Loi

  22. What a great job, Loi! Love every room, so airy, light and welcoming! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    A happy Sunday to you!


  23. How beautiful! I love that the story started with a few suggestions, then voila! A new house:) I am sure you are part of their family now. xo

  24. I think it safe to say Toi, that you are a catalyst of change....and with your energy; a sense of peace and tranquility is referred. Continued blessings to you.; thanks for your visits;)

  25. Thanks so much for sharing a beautiful home to inspire us. I loved the club chairs, the wing chairs, the small chest,the slate floors and the tea table. But, the loveliest pic of all was that of the homeowner! What a gorgeous lady! Loved the pearls, the earrings, the pop of lipstick and especially the sweet, soft countenance!

  26. What a gorgeous space! That conservatory is just amazing!

  27. Beautiful! I look forward to seeing more of your projects here on this blog!

  28. S U B L I M E...
    I love the idea of turning a screened porch into a conservatory with slate and belgian linen and grays...youre the master!

  29. Loi-
    This will be the most pinned house in the blogosphere! I love everything about it! I have got to make the first image my desktop wallpaper for the day.
    There is nothing more beautiful and serene than a Swedish interior, and with the other styles added, perfection.
    I love the conservatory idea too. I am certain that they enjoy it enormously.
    Happy Monday.

  30. Well, Loi, I just finished "pinning" almost your entire post. What a lovely home from your lovely sense of style, yet you managed to keep the owner's taste also. Loved the Brussels chairs, the darker Oriental rug with all the living room neutrals, the conservatory, the American portrait over the Swedish chest. See. Just about everything!
    But, where oh where was the kitchen?

    1. Thank you, B! Ran out of time. Maybe next time with a post on kitchens :)

  31. Hi Loi - Another beautiful home made even more so with your discerning eye! It's a charming cottage, for sure (and how nice to have a conservatory too). Thanks to you and the home owner for sharing it with us.

  32. Loi, this home is very special the way the different styles are combined! Every object and piece of furniture so well chosen and placed so that each one can be fully appreciated. Just like the photos of your homes, I cannot really choose a favorite image, they are all exquisite! Thank you to the homeowners for allowing it to be seen. Now onto pinning even though I know the images are probably all over Pinterest by now! One day, you can post about how you developed your amazing eye for design, so talented you are. You have a big fan club.

  33. Lovely images here. Such a serene home with beautiful furnishings.

  34. SO beautiful! It's so elegant and well put together, and yet it's also a very comfortable and warm home. Elegance with warmth - that's a difficult combination to get right, and you've achieved it here beautifully. Quite breathtaking. x

  35. Beautiful.....calm and inviting. Well done!

  36. What a pretty house. That conservatory is just lovely. And you know they can be so pragmatic too. My grandparents had a conservatory added to their house a few decades ago and the natural heat generated in the winter from the greenhouse effect is enough to keep a good portion of the living spaces at relatively constant temperatures of 65-70 degrees. My grandfather had some ductwork installed to lead the warm air into adjoining living spaces. Practical and pretty!

  37. LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and I want to follow, do you have twitter or FB???

    If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  38. What lucky homeowners and friends! This was truly beautiful! I am a huge fan of mixing different styles of antiques and you've done a great job with it! The conservatory was incredible and I'm sure they are enjoying it very much! Can't wait to read more of your blog posts!
    Carolyn Bradford

  39. Loi...I just happened upon your blog while searching for sunroom floors. I feel as though I've died and gone to heaven! I am striving for that look in my home! Thank you for this. We are renovating our side porch into a sunroom and I love the floors in this sunroom...Could you tell me what it is? Flagstone? Tile?

    1. Hi BQB - Thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment. I really appreciate both! The floors are indeed flagstone. I would suggest installing radiant heating under the stone. Good luck! Loi

  40. Loi, what a perfect home. Every image is better than the last. But it's the clock I'm really drooling over!! Great big thanks to your friend for letting you share this,project. It is a real treat to see your talent!

  41. Loi, the home is absolutely gorgeous! I love how you combined it all. You are a brilliant artist!! Thank you so much for sharing, and also to your lovely friends for sharing their beautiful home.
    take care,

  42. What a beauty! It looks so welcoming and refreshing! Thank you and your client for sharing such a treat.

  43. What a charming house, and how fortunate the owners were to befriend you. I've really enjoyed looking at all the details here, and I can see that the Swedish style lightens rooms.

  44. Pictures & information provided about Swedish style cottage chair for better homes is good. Thanks for sharing.

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  46. Beautiful! my kind of style. What color is on the living room walls?

  47. Adorable home, thanks for sharing!

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