Thursday, May 17, 2012

Timeless Swedish Style

I am so grateful when clients ask for my assistance in furnishing and decorating their house. Imagine how thrilled I was when I had the opportunity to help my friend and client, Linda, with another home. I had worked on the previous home, but what made the second experience so special and effortless were the following:

-We were able to reuse everything from the prior home. Curtains and hardware, furniture, rugs, etc. Nothing was wasted.  
-The familiarity and connection had already been established, allowing us to move rather quickly.
-The home, built in 1928, has the most amazing architecture, bones and timeless details.

As this home was previously published in the Washington Post, and featured on Cote de Texas, I'd like to share some new photos I took recently. Enjoy this charming house from my perspective.

 Hinson's blue seagrass wallpaper in the library. Notice the tall floor to ceiling windows and French doors.
 Slipper chair in Bennison Christmas Roses; Painted antique bench; George Smith sofa in chocolate mohair velvet; and wool carpet from CG Coe & Son. I converted an antique urn into a lamp on the Swedish side table.
Pair of original diamond leaded windows in kitchen.
 Linda chose white cabinetry, thick marble counter tops, farm sink, and lovely gooseneck faucet.
We painted the kitchen floors a checkerboard "tone on tone" gray.
Peonies from the garden.
One of my favorite architectural elements of the house is this stunning limestone mantel with a tapered chimney breast top (not shown). Polished steel fireplace fixtures.
The living room with beamed ceiling and arched doorway with French doors leading into the sunroom.
New radiant heating under the limestone tiles laid on Versailles pattern. I love the original brass window hardware.
Antique French fauteuil in Chelsea Textiles small checks. The zinc rooster weathervane came from the family home.
An original forged and wrought iron gate.
I suggested a boxwood and gravel side garden when grass wouldn't grow there.
The landscape was designed by the late Michael Bartlett, a renowned landscape architect. There are numerous boxwoods, trained ivy columns, climbing roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and stately old trees.


  1. Oh Loi! Beautiful.

    The blue seagrass walls, the tone on tone painted floor, that sunroom and the boxwood lined lovely.

    Just perfect.

  2. As sophisticated and stylish as this home is (including topiaries in kitchen;))), I love its friendliness. Nothing seems too precious; in fact, I think its beauty lies in the invitation to enjoy. Well done...b

  3. Stunning. I've followed the story on both of these houses and they've both been simply stunning. If only... Anyway, I've totally decided to revamp my own home and slowly, but surely, get back to a "tone on tone" style I first fell in love with through Tricia Foley's interiors back in the 90s. The Swedish Style you do, Loi, make it so fresh and elegant. It's truly a timeless look. I've become completely smitten. Thank you for posting these new pictures and giving more details.

  4. Beautiful. Every single room. Every detail. I could start naming everything I love but what's the use, I love everything! Thanks for sharing your art with us, Loi!


  5. Oh my goodness, Loi! This home is amazing.
    I love the mantle, the weathervane, and oh the check fabric just finished it! In fact, there is not one thing I didn't love. I want the sofa too.
    And then to finish the quaint, beautiful exterior and lawn. Perfection.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely home.

  6. I can just imagine sitting very comfortably on that George Smith velvet sofa no less, flicking through the latest copy of 'House and Garden'. Then I would waft to the sun room and have a cup of Earl Grey tea. I might even go and inspect my invitations perched on that stupendous mantlepiece. I would of course be in heaven. Loi it is all sublime.

  7. Loi this home and your touch is flawless - just stunning! I'm the same as Kifus, I love everything! What I really love about the homes you design is that they have character, a soul. This home looks so comfortable and inviting and well, homely as well as being beautifully designed. As I've got kitchens in my head at the moment, my own needs a makeover, I'm particularly drawn to your style. The marble, your 'tone on tone' colours combine to make such a soothing palette and I ADORE that checkerboard floor. I am seriously inspired to do my own kitchen like this. Thank you for sharing this lovely home.


  8. The library is my favorite here. It seems that everything is balanced and there is interest, nothing one note. The chocolate mohair velvet sofa is calling my name.

  9. Hi Loi - How nice to see another perspective of this beautiful home! Love the Bennison fabrics you and the homeowner chose, along with everything else! It's a lovely home and thanks to you and the owner for sharing more photos. Have a great weekend!

  10. Oh my goodness...such a lovely and elegant home and gardens. My favorite touch is the blue grass wall treatment...but each element really speaks to me. I love her kitchen too...that gray checkerboard floor is fabulous. The Swedish furniture is beautiful...You are very, very talented!

  11. Loi you and Linda did a wonderful job on the house. Would you mind going back for the urn lamp you made it was the first thing that caught my eye and I love it. The side boxwood garden is wondeful something I'm putting in where it gets little light. All so beautiful you have a wonderful eye!


  12. Hi Loi,
    Your clients are so lucky to have you to advise them.
    This house is wonderful.I do love the Swedish style.
    Could you just pop over here and sort our house out!
    As usual, I'm drawn to the garden-and love the simplicity of an all green/box garden.
    May I ask what trees you planted along side the box?
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    1. Liz - Those are foster hollies, limbed up. They were planted by Michael Bartlett, the garden designer.

  13. Hi Loi, there is a lot to love here - the original deatils like the windows and fireplace mantle, and the new - that kitchen floor is perfection (can I have that with dogs?) and I am saving the photo of the toe-kick under the kitchen sink (looks like it is vented - an elegant way to hide the working parts of the house.) Many beautiful pieces of furniture as well. All best, Phyllis

    1. Those are actually controls / toe switches to turn water on / off (in case your hands are dirty). Linda found those.

  14. Hello Loi,
    I feel like I just got back from a few hours at a spa. The colors you work with are so calming and comforting. What a beautiful home both inside and out. Thanks again for sharing your incredible talent.

  15. Oh my..this is incredible. I love everything. Love that pop of live green in those amazing windows! And that garden path darn near made me faint!

  16. Your blog is a breath of fresh air! I love visiting! xoxo, Melaine

  17. Loi, is the mantle original to the house? I love it. And those leaded windows are gorgeous. You did a wonderful job accentuating the homes beauty!

    1. Thanks, Ann! The mantle is should see it in person....incredible!

  18. I fell in love with this house when Joni wrote about it, Loi. And now, seeing these photos, the gardens included... sigh! There's absolutely nothing I don't love about it.

    BTW - The kitchen is beautiful. I'm so glad she kept the diamond leaded windows.

    ;-) Kerry

  19. I loved this home when I first read about it on cote de Texas! I've been your fan ever since! Thanks for sharing more photos of the beautiful home!

  20. What a wonderful modern way to decorate in the Swedish style. Every detail of the home was just classy. I loved how the mora clock behind the sofa was in a different color tone. It seemed as though it had a bit of an orange, pale flesh color tones against gray. The choices in furniture really make this house special. The check painted floor was just terrific! The choices in color were right on!

  21. This home is amazing. I was blown away by the interiors, and then again by the exterior! Thank you for sharing all the beauty!

  22. Loi,
    I wished we lived closer! You would be such a great help with decorating the homes of my clients (and mine!). You have don a wonderful job! I loooooooooooooooooove it! Congratulations! Your client must be 'in heaven' with the home decorated by you!!
    Have a great weekend!

  23. Hi Loi,
    As usual your stylings do not miss a beat! Beautiful flow and balance throughout. Wonderful textures and colours.
    The floor in the kitchen is charming, "just right", and your suggestions for the pathway... perfect!
    Thank you for sharing.

  24. I like the recurring diamond motif flooring from the painted floor in the kitchen to the CG Coe & son Carpet in the library. I could huddle up with a good book on that Sofa in the library and not move all day long.

  25. What an inviting home! Love the soft tone on tone gray floors, old leaded windows, green & white side garden with that light colored gravel and simply framed botanical prints. All so beautiful. Sigh. Have a happy weekend, Monica

  26. Loi,

    What a wonderful way to guide a client to a smooth transition from one home to another. I really enjoy all your attention to details for the delicate "care and idea feeding" in Linda's home. Especially marrying interiors with exteriors it takes patience and speed to orchestrate.

    To consider the whole picture: history of architecture, furniture, landscaping, colors, textures, light and client sensitivities is a wheel and only with balance will it totally please us. You achieve this every time and as a designer...what a dream come true!

    Thanks for sharing your work and clients home with us. I thoroughly enjoyed this post.

    Happy Weekend!


  27. Beautiful. The house just seems 'happy'. You were lucky to have some charm already built in, but all of your design choices are the perfect compliment. There are so many things to love here, I like many others,love the painted checkerboard floor. Genius!! The kitchen was calling out for that.
    I also love how you seemed to be sensitive to your client, by not suggesting that she just throw everything out and start over. But to carry the things she loved to her NEW home, brings such a sense of continuity and peace. Well done, Loi.

  28. I am the very happy owner of this beautiful project of Loi's. If I could pick all the peonies and hydrangas in my garden and have them delivered to Loi, I would. He is not only extremely talented - looking at things in a way no on else does - but he is also very funny and very clever. I love visiting his store on Saturday's and just hanging out and talking and looking at his beautiful things. If you aren't in Washington DC area and cannot visit the store - go to his website - I honestly believe there is no store in New York, LA or anywhere else which carries as beauatiful and unique furniture and furnishings.
    Thank you Loi!

    1. Thank you, Linda!! Come by this weekend....everything half off 4 u!! ;-) Seriously, I love this house, and working with you. Loi

  29. Hi Loi,
    I love the lead glass windows in the kitchen and the painted floors are wonderful. Of course I love the Mora clock, and the gardens as well. Beautiful!

  30. Everything is just beautiful. Because things were so well selected the first time you were able to use everything again. Well done, Loi. Looks like you have a very happy client!

  31. Stunning Loi - I wish my house were so lovely. So many beautiful moments - I love the simple but elegant kitchen, the "tone on tone" floor, the lovely furniture, those amazing tall windows, and my favorite is that seagrass wallpaper. Wow! You are a talent nonpareil! :)

    I love the fabric on the pillows on the chairs - do you know what it is?

    I must email you soon - it has been a crazy week and my computer went on the fritz so I have been at the apple store twice this week. Ugh!

    Hope you are well. It is a long weekend here with Victoria Day on Monday - do you have a holiday in the US this weekend?


    1. Thanks, Terri! The fabric on the pillows are "Shalmaz" by Sheila Coombes. Have a wonderful long weekend :-)

  32. Oh, and those limestone tiles and the boxwood and gravel path - lovely! I am a major boxwood lover but cannot get it to grow here (I think I complained of this here before).

    Talk soon, Terri xo

  33. I enjoyed reading about the two houses when Joni wrote about them, and I appreciate seeing additional pictures of the new house. Your work is exquisite.

  34. Dear Loi - how lovely to find your sweet message over at The Hedge today! I'm an avid stalker of your fantastic Pinterest boards, & yes I need to get my Pinterest act together & pin more frequently, message noted. I so enjoyed Brooke's post on her visit with Steve & the kids to your DC home recently, you are kindred spirits you two. Washington & Boston are my favourite places to visit in the Excited States, having made numerous trips to both cities over the years for work. I think somewhere in Tyson's Corner there's a plaque acknowledging my 'interest' in their Centre - I do love to shop!
    Love to you both from a cold misty Fall day in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. And woof woof to Mocha & Panda from puppy Lulu.xx

  35. O M G Loi, your post is amazing. 1. Your photographs are truly professional, and outstanding. 2. Your decorating talents are so enviable and your taste is undeniable one of the best Ive seen.3. That home is so beautiful, and you're right, the "bones" and architectural details are so grand! What a pleasure it must have been to work with Linda on that house. Her furnishings are spectacular! Love the kitchen, the painted floor--all of it.
    It is a pleasure to know you my friend, have a lovely weekend.
    xo Nancy

  36. Great job. I particularly love the room with the tile floors, and the fact that you could use so much of what she already had.
    Outside of the house seems a bit "English tudor-y," or am I just stuck in that phase.
    Nice work, Loi,

  37. What a great job you've done on a wonderful house. I particularly love the kitchen floor; beautiful.
    Hugs, B x

  38. Simply beautiful home Loi. Love the colors, the George Smith sofa, and the beautiful gardens. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Jennifer

  39. Loi,
    I remember this house when I first saw it on Cote De Texas....I saved the link & stare at the photos of it frequently for inspiration! I loved seeing new pics....truly a dream home, beautifully appointed. I am considering painting the main areas of my new home with Ben Moores Classic Gray ( I believe that was the color you used thru out this home?)

  40. Loi,
    I don't even know where to start! I love everything about this gorgeous home! It has really spoke to me this morning! I had been looking at doing a blue seagrass in my new entry and after seeing's a must!
    And the kitchen!
    Thank you, thank you for sharing you pictures with us and allowing a glimpse into this home and yet another fabulous Loi design!
    have a wonderful rest of the weekend

  41. Hi Loi, this home is beautiful!!! I love that you reused everything too. You're amazing! Thanks again for sharing.
    have a wonderful week!

  42. Loi!!!! Now this makes me proud to be Swedish! 5 stars!

    LOVE the windows and the floors in the kitchen. And the Swedish floor clock is to die for.

    I am going to Stockholm this summer. Let me know if you are going over on a shopping trip! I know a lot of the antique dealers.


    P.S Added you to my blog roll.

  43. Loi

    Everything about this house is stunning! I love the floor in the kitchen. It just sets the stage for the whole room. Love, love, love the Boxwood Path as well. I love all the fabrics the two of you chose as well. Just lovely!! Cindy

  44. Beautiful home and beautiful decoration for it! Great job Loi. No wonder your client trusted you on her house again!

  45. Breathtaking! LOVE, the kitchen floor and the mantle especially! But the colours here are just SO serene and perfect - and the boxwood and gravel side garden - just stunning! Loi - you KNOW that I love your style - I could quite happily transport every element that you design into my own home. I don't think that I've seen ANYTHING yet that I wouldn't love for myself - and that includes your dogs!
    Paula xxxx

  46. Wow, Loi, I love every inch of this amazing home. The kitchen with the farmhouse sink and marble is amazing and the mantle - I can't quit staring. Add a garden gate and pebbled path and I'm sold...stunning!!

  47. Loi, such a pretty home the two of you created and everything reused from the previous home! I think this is so much more creative and impressive when this is done. The entire home is full of lovely details and such a perfect use of boxwoods in the gardens. Well done! As everything you do is!

  48. Hi Loi,
    What are type are the trees adjacent to the gravel path planed next to the fence?

  49. Hi Cindy - Those are foster hollies...they have been limbed up. Thanks for asking! Loi

  50. I read the Post article and Joni's beautiful post as well. What a lovely, restful home. You did a magnificent job.

  51. Award winning design fo real babe! It is curated beautifully.....

  52. I just had another stare at the kitchen....dang I want it so badly.

  53. Oh my.... Sigh.....
    Everything is absolutely beautiful!!!!
    The side yard is the perfect inspiration for ours... Thank ou so much!!!

  54. This certainly is a very beautiful house and garden. Your photos are inspiring. The picture of the side garden has inspired me to redesign my own side garden. Do you know what trees are lining the fence? They add perfect structure. Thank you for sharing this amazing home with us.


  55. Wow, This is awesome. Swedish style was so fabulous and elegant. All of the features looks precious and really amazing. I like it and hope someday I could afford to have a Swedish style home . Big thanks.

  56. Loi, I love it all and keep coming back to your photos for inspiration! I am ready to paint the (previously painted) wood floor in my farm house bathroom and would love to know the colors you used on the kitchen floor. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and being so generous with your sources.

  57. This is my favorite home! Do you happen to know the exterior colors on Linda's tudor?


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