Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our White Border Garden

With the garden season winding down, I thought it would be interesting to tour our white border garden throughout this unpredictable year. Spring began very early after a mild and short winter, causing much confusion for many plants. In late spring there were quite a few severe storms that wreaked havoc on garden beds, flattened hydrangeas, and snapped a few branches. Then there was the record breaking hot and dry summer. Despite it all, our white border fared well, and I am grateful for a rewarding season with a succession of many beautiful white blooms.

Let's look at the white border now, and then earlier in the year. 
 Late Sept - Oct: a profusion of Honorine Jobert Japanese anemone flowers. The tuteur is completely covered with Clematis Paniculata, which just finished blooming.
 The front of our house with white shrub roses. The white border is located on the right side, and features white flowering plants along with silvery gray foliage.
 Late August: above photo and three photos below taken when Clematis Paniculata on the tuteur was blooming. The frothy euphorbia Diamond Frost is to the right of the sundial.
 Two close up views of Clematis Paniculata.
 July: phlox David (between tuteur and hornbeam trees) did well this year despite being crushed TWICE by the tuteur from severe storms. The tuteur also damaged a couple peonies. Hope the peonies do well next spring.
 June: white daisies and butterfly bush Buddleia Davidii blooming side by side. Though sweet, the daisies are really floppy....think I'm going to move them.
 June: Asiatic white lilies.
 May: Cheddar Charm peonies and Siberian iris White Swirl.
 Lambs Ears Big Ears in front of Siberian irises.
April: clematis Duchess of Edinburgh climbing on the tuteur.

To see more of our white garden, please visit here and also here. If you would like plant names not included, let me know. Also, if you have plant suggestions please feel free to share.....thanks!


  1. Loi, your garden is so abundantly beautiful. It is amazing how nature can rebound from inopportune conditions. Enjoy these gorgeous days ahead!

  2. Good lord Loi! I cannot believe how gorgeous your gardens are!!!!! I am having a busy weekend and beginning of next week, I will be back to analyze and drool. What a joyful place your property and home is, I LOVE the design of the house!

  3. Loi, your white garden is beautiful all year! Love those lambs ears in near the walkway, their big velvety leaves are just wonderful to combine with. The clematis...what a great gardening climate you must have there! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love white gardens and yours are lovely!

    best, teaorwine

  5. Hi Loi,

    How wonderful to take us on this beautiful tour of your white border garden. All of the flowers and greenery are exquisite, not to mention the landscape design! I am intrigued by the Japanese Anemone flowers and the Clematis Paniculata, so vibrant and delicate at once. Yet, time and time again, its the daisies that always manage to steal my heart with their playful sweetness, and to quote Kathleen in 'You've Got Mail'..."Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?"

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend


  6. Loi,

    Your garden is breathtaking! It reminds me of the White Garden at Sissinghurst! I cannot remember but I do recall you saying that this garden was not original to the house but if I may ask, how long did it take for it to begin to resemble this? Do you add new plants each season?

    I love the lambs ears, and the butterfly bush, I am not a huge fan of daisy's but they look beautiful in this setting.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the cool weather, we are going to cool off as well, frankly I cannot wait. I already have some French onion soup on the stove and an slab apple in the oven.

    Thank you for your always lovely compliments and comments.


    1. Elizabeth - Thanks for asking. Everything was planted by us...nothing was here before except a deutzia shrub and fig tree. We started the gardens about 3 1/2 years ago. Loi

  7. Everything you do is just perfection! These photos are lovely -- thank you for sharing them!

  8. Loi, your gardens are so beautiful. Who needs color? You make me want to rip everything out and start from scratch.

    A friend of mine who has very large garden builds cages out of chicken wire for the floppy flowers. They don't look so great in the spring but the stems grow right through them to provide invisible support throughout the summer.

    Not sure that I've seen your entire front facade before. The house is really beautiful!

  9. Hello Loi my Friend!

    The White Garden, The flowers wonderful, beautiful, I Love too!

    have a good weekend!


  10. Wow! We had similar conditions this year, but your gardens fared so much better. The anemones are gorgeous, I had that at our previous home and loved have reminded me to get them planted here! Even though there is simplicity in colour design, your gardens resemble their owners; bright, interesting, thoughtful and fun;)!!! Happy Saturdayxob ps. I told the horses you say hi:)

  11. Gorgeous! Green is the perfect backdrop for all of the white. Your daisies are so pretty and I can imagine how they look blooming next to the peonies. The exterior of your home is beautiful Loi! Thank you for taking us on a tour and including the names of the plants!


  12. White gardens! so beautiful anytime of day or night.

  13. Loi, I love walking through your gardens. I feel like I take a deep sigh and say AAAAAAH!!! Just lovely,
    Happy Weekend,

  14. Absolutely beautiful, understated, textured, elegant! Thank you for sharing!


  15. Loi,
    It is perfection! Thank you so much for sharing and yes, please continue to share plant names. I hope to refer to your post in the future while adding some of your ideas to my garden.

  16. Hi Loi!
    Beautiful house, beautiful garden! I don't think I have seen photos of the front of your house. I Love it! and I finally see something in that garden of yours that I can actually grow....Lambs Ears!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  17. Thank you for making my heart start out singing this morning. Have a super day!

  18. I love your beautiful garden and home. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I am simply in AWE and AMAZEMENT .....
    I have never seen an entire landscape in one color and yours is absolutely gorgeous......OH I LOVE IT....ALL WHITE!!!! With each month having a new "Star"! The planning you took, is absolutely genius!
    My eyes really opened up when I saw the photo of your gracious, lovely HOME!!!! It is perfect!
    I had no idea, now I know this is revealing how ignorant I am about gardening, but do those magnificent Asian White Lilies actually grow in gardens??????????????????? I find them every now and then, mostly "then" in high end florists and grocery markets! I love them!!!!
    You live in a Beautiful World!

    1. Thank you, Patty. The lilies are perennials, and come back each year. L

  20. Hello Loi,
    It's always fabulous to see inside your wonderful home and garden.
    You have not disappointed us.
    I always intend to photograph our garden at different times of the year as a reference , but always forget!
    Thanks too for including a plant list. Always a help in planning ahead.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x

  21. The front of your house is spectacular. I love all of the flowers and I am beyond amazed that you find the time to tend to such a luscious garden.

  22. Oh Loi,

    It is all too breathtaking for words. (but since when did that stop me?-LOL) What you have created is nothing short of genius and you must write a book! (no pressure, haha) It will be on the NY Times best selling list in about an hour and be sold out before the first printing comes out! I know absolutely less than zilch about gardening. I have never actually had a real yard. (sad, but true). Well, growing up in Indiana, we did and my mom gardened like mad, but somehow not very much of it rubbed off. (she had a really sick rose garden which I loved, however!)

    However, as amazing as that all is, I had never actually seen the exterior of your home in its entirety and all I can say is that it gave me chills. The good kind where its all so beautiful it almost hurts. So perfect. xo ~ Laurel

  23. What a lovely tour through time and space Loi,with a fantastic succession of blooms. I love the shapes of the leaves and their varying greens too.

    I'm now going to the links to see if I can find the name of your white rose!

  24. Love love love your beautiful garden. Which of the plants would you suggest for fragrance? I love walking by the side of a home and getting little wisps of fragrance along the path.

  25. Mister Loi, I always love looking at your garden! The flowers, the much to see. But I especially enjoyed seeing your whole is just beautiful! Have a great weekend in your lovely state!

  26. Exquisite! So fresh and beautiful, dear Loi...
    I am sorry about the storm damage.
    What a refreshing and glorious oasis you have created! (With a bit of help from mother nature, of course ;)
    Have a splendid weekend,
    - Irina

  27. Your restrained palette creates a wonderful sense of serene beauty Loi.
    I started out having a pale blue and lemon front garden, but I just could not resist buying other flowers. I needed your commitment to stick to the brief.

  28. Your garden is definitely one of the prettiest I've ever seen! It is always spectacular and I love an all white and green color theme! We planted 3 white Butterfly Bushes this summer and they are doing really well! Since I do not have a green thumb I've just been holding my breath! I also just bought an Olive Tree! If you have any tips on those I would love to know them! Thanks for showing us such great pics and I truly loved seeing the view of your beautiful home as well! Simply perfect! Have a great weekend!

  29. What a beautiful home! Amazing gardens-so classy and gorgeous in all white.
    My faves are the Asiatic lilies ( I've got some golden yellow ones)and the Duchess of Edinburgh clematis-I will have to add that to my next garden, didn't know it existed.(My Mom was born there!)

    Sadly, the frost has come to central Oregon, and my garden is over for the most part-just lettuce and broccoli in the veggie patch and a potted Mum at the front door are happy right now.

    If you have never planted Moonflower, you should try it-it is an annual, but the blooms are as big as dinner plates, and the fragrance is heavenly. They did really well for me while I lived in TX.
    OR, not so much.

    Here's a link:

    PS-thanks for the compliment about my new pix-I was having a really good hair day, LOL, glad I got it on film!

    1. Hey Susan - Thanks! I've planted moonflowers them. They do take a while to get going...pretty late in the season before flowering. Loi

  30. I miss flowers already although it was nice to see the Lariope continue until recently. You had anemone flowers until this month? That is awesome. I spent the day outside gardening today, dividing lariope and edging the beds.. The leaves are blowing today though, and Im sure not ready to start picking them up!

    Your home is picture perfect, and love the landscape as it frames your beautiful and inspiring you are, my friend.

    Did you hear temps are supposed to be in the upper 30's Sunday night?? How do you feel about winter; do you mind a hard cold winter or not? Me, not so much. It makes tending the horses so much harder.
    Enjoy your Sunday.
    xo Nancy

  31. Beautiful. I especially love the lambs ear and iris combination. I love being outside this time of Fall - before everyone w/a leaf blower comes out, all at different times throughout the day!

  32. Looking at your garden, you would never know you had a tumultuous growing season. White gardens are probably my favorite. I also grew Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' this year. It was beautiful, but I grew impatient to plant bulbs, so I dug them up this week. Thanks so much for sharing your garden. I constantly get so much inspiration from your photos.


  33. So beautiful! Thankyou for sharing.

  34. Your White garden is simply breath taking Loi. WOW! It looks amazing throughout the entire garden season. You are one talented artist my friend. I am so glad you shared these amazing photographs. I love them all.

  35. Well, that is my dream house! The terra cotta roof, the porch, and the garden is stunning! My garden was just mowed down by veracious deer, the perils of living out in the country! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Happy Fall!

  36. So pretty Loi, I love your garden. You have done such a wonderful job designing it. The plants and flowers you selected complement each other beautifully.

  37. Hi Loi, Thanks for the tour of your beautiful garden - a sequence of blooms in white is lovely to see. I agree that you would enjoy the white moonflower. My favorite white daffodil is Mt. Hood, if you want to grow them. You look like you're doing great with your green thumb!

    1. Anne - I love moonflowers, but did not plant any this year. They do take a while to get going. I have Mt. Hoods in two garden beds....they are one of my favorites....very pristine. Thanks for your visit and recommendations. Loi

  38. Loi,
    Your white garden is beautiful. Is that lamb's ear? It looks like it's on steroids compared to mine. :D The clematis is an amazing variety. I'll have to look for that here on the west coast. I have mostly white in my yard. I like the simplicity of the white and green. Sometimes I can't pass up some blue and pink accents. I love your home, it looks lovely. I love the lilies.

  39. So happy to view your beautiful photos today. I'm planning a potager and your pictures have given me lots of inspiration. It's always been a dream of mine to have a white garden with many different shades of green plants. Thank you for the lovely ideas.

  40. Loi,
    I have dreamed of a white garden for so long! When we began landscaping our property, we had 5 very large crape myrtles planted as a focal point in back. We were assured that they were white. Spring came and they were purple! There are 17 crape myrtles- only three are white. I finally gave up and embraced the beauty of the colors.
    I am in complete awe of your garden- it is incredibly beautiful. It must bring you so much joy.
    Your home is fabulous!

  41. Loi, I can see why you prefer shades of white in your garden! So lovely, especially grouped together like that, the impact is so beautiful! I hope your peonies AND lavender make it through! Have a wonderful weekend, Monica

  42. It is so beautiful--you've captured it so well--the blooms just jump off the page! I'm in The Woodlands, North of Houston, so quite a different climate. That said, I've fallen hard for "Cat Whiskers" {Orthosiphon stamineus}. A sweet friend gifted three to me, and I've stalked the local garden centers for more! When in bloom, it's the only thing I see. A perennial here . . .

    1. Hi, there ~ Thank you for the suggestion. I will look this up. Cheers, L

  43. Hello Loi, It seems that maintaining a garden like this would be more than a full-time occupation. I especially like how the white and green are relieved by the dull red of the bricks--I am partial to bricks anyway.

    Since I am more of a nature-walker than a gardener, it struck me how many wildflowers are white--trillium, Solomon's seal, white violets, many wild roses and fruits that are members of the rose family--apples, strawberries, haws, pears, blackberries, etc. Generally, the earlier in the year they bloom, the more likely they are to be white or pale.

    Once I was hiking in Canada, and came across a large woods of all white paper birch, and on the woods floor there was a profusion of white baneberry (doll's-eyes); white as far as the eye could see, adding up to a somewhat other-worldly atmosphere.
    --Road to Parnassus

  44. Loi, I love white and green florals of almost any kind!Your borders are beautiful and perfect for you home!!

    I am planning to do a white themed flora next spring!

    I do hope you will enter my Giveaway of Velvet Pumpkins from Love Feast!Very elegant!

    Art by Karena

  45. Loi,
    A lovely progression of plants carrying out your white theme. Considering our summer weather I'd say you had a great garden.

  46. I do like monochromatic gardens, (although you have white AND green). I wonder if your design choice was based on the White Garden at Sissinghurst? The recreated Renaissance gardens in Italy are quite often entirely green, I (and whilst it's not a faithful reinterpretation), I do like the lack of colour.

    1. Sissinghurst is one of my favorite gardens. I'm constantly inspired by it. Loi

  47. so much nurturance and thoughtfulness reflected here. elegance and a refined simplicity. thank you for the lessons and for broadening my vocabulary.

    smiles to you.


  48. Absolutely gorgeous! A true gardener Mr Loi, you talented hands have created such a beautiful place. I can see the love, dedication and nuturing that has been invested in your plants and flowers. I wish to pinch some of your ideas for planting, particularly Honorine Jobert which I keep being drawn to lately.

  49. Spectacular Loi. How very well you have managed to care for your garden during the ravages of wind and rain then scorching sun. The clematis in the last shot is so delicate and beautiful. Such a profusion of wonderful planting next to your elegant home, all heavenly. You are such a talented man.

  50. Loi I feel as if I've just taken an amazing garden tour early on this Sunday morning....beautiful....actually, beyond words.I absolutely love your use of white and green. I think it is so fitting for your gorgeous home. I have always loved white gardens. They also have the magical quality of sparkling by moonlight. I agree on the daisies....they look pretty...then flop....I will be finding a new shorter variety this yr. Your asiatic lilies are like velvet! Your boxwoods are so playful. Loi did you do the designing of your gardens? They are fabulous. I find myself jotting ideas and dreaming of gardening and selling gorgeous antiques every time I read your posts! Thanks! Monica

  51. Loi, How did I not know you have an all white garden? I am obsessed with the thought. I lack the discipline to stick with it...and throw color into the mix. I need to go drool over the rest of your garden.

  52. It's lovely there with all these beautiful flowers....... great pictures again.

    Greetings, joop

  53. Dear Loi - Your white garden is BEAUTIFUL! And to think that you have a blue garden, too! My favorites of this posting are the Asiatic white lillies.

  54. Dear Loi,
    I know this has already been said but I am reminded of the garden at Sissinghurst when I view your garden - especially when I saw the Lambs Ears - I remember them growing in abundance there. I do like the stand of Asiatic Lillies and the white Clematis (I would like to know the name of that one as it looks so nice).
    You ask for ideas. Have you thought of adding the Madonna Lily (Lilium Candidum)? They have a lovely scent but can be rather temperamental. Another nice white flower is the daffodil Thalia. They look good when in a large grouping.
    Your garden looks very calm and peaceful.
    Bye for now,

    1. Kirk - I have whole beds of Thalias in front of our house. I love their very naturalistic look. Thanks! L

  55. Loi! No words really can describe how gorgeous your perfect garden is! I can't believe the talent you have... thanks for always sharing!

    Best wishes my friend!

  56. You have such a way with gardens, Loi.
    I love your limited palette and your use of so many different textures and greens.
    Japanese anemones are beautiful this time of year. We used to have some in our last garden.
    Thank you for reminding me to find a place for them in the next one.
    Happy Weekend!


  57. Hi Loi, we're having a very 'FALLISH' day here. Crips, down in the 30's last night. So looking at all the pictures of your lovely white garden is a breath of fresh air this morning. Looks like your planting plan has provided you with white beauty througout the growing season. Beautifully done. You a quite the master gardener.

  58. Loi it seems like no matter the season and no matter the weather your gardens are fabulous! I've been saving your gardening posts so I can adapt some of your flowers into my garden beds next spring. I like how you keep things simple and let the flowers work in combination with foliage.

    I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  59. Loi,
    Helloooo!!! Your garden is stunning. I love all the white. It plays so well against all the green. And, I really love the style of your home. Is it 1920s? 1930s? Stunning!!!

    Hope you are enjoying this fall weekend. The fire is crackling behind me and soup is on the stove. I'm in heaven!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. Our house dates to 1918, and is in the Mediterranean style. L

  60. Oh my goodness Loi is all I can say...I am totally blown away...There just aren't words to describe how beautiful this garden is...It makes me remember that the very first time I visited your blog you featured your "blue" garden and I have been hooked on everything you do ever since. You are one very talented man!!..And a nice guy too...I'm glad we are getting to know each other. Have a great week. Mona

  61. Loi,
    Your white garden is lovely in every season. Your structure holds it together throughout the year and the tapestry of flowering plants puts on a continuous coherent display. You've used some restraint to create a beautiful composition. I'd love to see it with a dusting of snow!!!

  62. I am saving all of these pics for my garden inspiration files! I think you have just become my garden guru - it is all so beautiful! x Sharon

  63. Loi, your home is gorgeous -- and that roof! Are those tiles? Love it! Your garden is equally spectacular with all your white flowers (so pretty on a moonlit night too). Thank you for sharing your garden photos with us.

    1. Claudia - Yes, they are green glazed terra-cotta tiles. Thank you. Loi

  64. Loi--Your garden is just amazing! I love all your combinations and textures! What talent!! Leslie

  65. a words. The house, gardens and design....perfection

  66. Stunning! So simple and elegant and yet so effective. I would love to replicate those beautiful flowerbeds here at Hill House. I'm sorted with the formal box hedging, but it's organising the planting for all round effect that gets me in a muddle...much inspiration here thank you!
    Paula xxx
    p.s. ONE day, I will make it over to your fabulous shop to see your incredible balustrade lamps in person - one can never have too many lamps, and I'm sure that I'll be able to find a home for ANYTHING & EVERYTHING that I come across in your shop! I used to live near Lilley Road in London, but sadly those were the days when I was more interested in a pair of heels than a lamp!

  67. Oh really must be heavenly to walk through your gardens! I am wondering if any of your white flowers glow a bit in the evening? I just adore the touches of gray mixed in with the white flowers. Your white garden is trult amazing. Many years ago when I lived in California I grew a white Cematis, can not remember the variety, but I do remember that it had the most wonderful vanilla smell.

  68. If I was asked to imagine a home and a garden that represented Loi, this is EXACTLY the vision! What a gorgeous, elegant home, it conjures up an image of an ancient Pagoda with the delightful roofs with perfect poise and balance. So much careful consideration with the planting has produced a simple feast of colour and texture which is just to die for!!!
    There is a book yelling to be published Loi! so much artistic talent
    GREAT post!!!!!
    Fiona xox

  69. Loi,

    How does your garden grow...very well indeed! You must be sweet talking your lovely plants as they impress us all when you aim your camera at them. I love the variety, structure, and natural appeal the whole garden takes on in fact in all your garden photos it's like a dream come true to see it season by season mature and grow. Loi you are a Master at gardening tell me do you use any miracle grow?


  70. So beautiful Loi.

    I love the clematis on the tuteur and the beautiful edgings of silvery green.

    Everything is just perfect, as I would expect with anything that you touch.

    Keep showing us glimpses of your lovely home and gardens, we are all obviously in love with them!


  71. Hi Loi,
    Soooooo beautiful. when ever I look at your garden I want to rip off all my plants and start allover again. I also admire your blue garden. it is structured but still look so natural . How are you able to maintain this with your allergy ?

    Asha from Atlanta.

  72. I scrolled up and down several times viewing your very beautiful garden over and over! I consider myself a gardening enthusiast, however, I wasn't able to plant any annuals this year or even give the already exisiting perennials the care they needed(as you noted the odd weather was merciless)this season. Taking care of a baby and a toddler left little time for much else. Thus, you really "fed" my gardening appetite with this post. Thank you!:-). XX

  73. Like everything else you do, you have managed to curate the garden perfectly, with something white blooming every season. Just so lovely!

  74. Hi so happy to find you from Hello Lovely and lovely Michele!! Your blog is wonderful and your home exquisite. I look forward to seeing more posts as I am new your newest follower.

  75. A beautiful dream in white and green! Calm, peaceful and COOOOOL! What a wonderful post again, just simply good! You certainly have THE eye for shapes, structure, a creative imagination and the love for nature! What else can I say.......

    Plant suggestion? Well, maybe a few white Arums planted as a group, Mock orange "Syringa" with its far carrying Jasmin like scent; for the winter months white Hellebores and an evergreen Viburnum tinus Laurustinus which flowers from December to April and can be cut to any shape; evergreen Choisya ternata - Mexican orange, and a few more....will send you a mail.

    Thank you very much, Loi, for this uplifting post, and for all your, really, so positive comments!
    Wish you a warm October with the right colors!
    Many greetings, Karin

  76. Oh my!!! So beautiful! Your home and gardens are pure joy! Incredible inspiration -resiliency and beauty. Thank you so much for this tour Loi. Have been searching fall blooms, I'd love to try your lovely Japanese anemone.
    Have a wonderful day, Robin

  77. Loi you have a beautiful house, the garden is amazing. Seems you have a green thumb :-) I wish I had a green thumb too.

    Best wishes

  78. I love seeing your border over the summer, it gave me a few ideas of things to plant. Japanese anemone's also do well at my house in Seattle, I am so thankful that they come back so profusely each fall. Your gardens are just beautiful Loi.

  79. Hello Loi,
    I just have to add to the chorus and thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with us. I wonder if you're familiar with the author, Beverley Nichols? He wrote charmingly about his homes and gardens in the early 20th century....he's one of my favorites! He has a beautiful passage in one of his books about his "night garden" with all white flowers and a sculpture of Antoninus, I believe-- I shall find it and send it to you!
    Best regards,

  80. Hello Loi -
    We enjoy many of the same plantings. I wait all summer long for my clematis arbor to bloom. When she does, it's sweet & heavenly. She is heavy though. My husband had to reinforce the arbor to hold her up so we can pass through the garden gate! I am taking notes on the iris and anemones as I do not have them. Yours are stunning! I love shade plantings also and too am keeping my fingers crossed for my peonies.
    The architecture of your home is lovely. I look forward to reading your other garden stories to learn more.
    Thank you Loi for the tour.

  81. You have the most beautiful home and gardens, Loi. It is such a treat to see your white garden in the Spring and Fall - both so lovely. My phlox struggled a lot this summer - so hot in NC. I think I just need your green thumb...

  82. Your white garden looks amazing
    and the variety of plants and flowers are just awesome.
    I wonder how much time and manpower you devote to keep that beautiful garden to look that lovely.
    I can also see that you have a very beautiful home.

  83. Hi Loi
    I love this white garden!!! Purity and simplicity
    I did not know Clematis paniculata .... beautiful

  84. Envy your garden zone, Loi. In upstate NY, nothing remains in my garden but my ever faithful, long-living anemones, pretty green heads of hydrangeas, and beautiful blue aconites. Your garden still looks so beautifully lush; mine like it's just hanging on for dear life.

    Did you ever have issues with the lily beetle this summer? So few of my Asian lilies survived their onslaught. Nice to see yours still blooming.

    Taking comfort in beautiful foliage.

  85. Ciao Loi,il tuo giardino è incredibilmente meraviglioso!
    Adoro i fiori bianchi.

    Lieto giorno!

  86. Thank you for showing us your magnificent white garden Loi! Another plant I must add to my garden now is that amazing white euphorbia!! stunning! I love your daisies - are you sure you need to move them????


  87. What the heck can I say that has not already been said except I would die for a garden as beautiful as yours!

  88. Hi Loi, I recognize and love so many similar plantings...your garden is lovely and shows the great care and love that goes into the creation of such a splendid favorite combinations green and white. I really enjoy visiting because it never fails to inspire me and I always come away with some new knowledge, thank you, Loi. The exterior view of your home is beautiful too!! N.xo

  89. gorgeous! your garden is really lovely!
    Perfect in form and color, with all tonallità gray white and green.
    I am speechless! *_*

  90. Hi Loi,
    I love all the planning and thought that has gone into your lovely white garden! You seem to always have something blooming. And you have white flowers that I thought only came in other colors! Your garden makes me only want a white garden more and more! I've been busy working inside, and it is going slowly since I'm doing it myself. Maybe next spring I can begin to work on my white garden...

  91. Have spent the last forty minutes making notes from your blog, plants you are growing in your white garden, and your blue, what works for you and what I think might work for me. Didn't know Lambs ears came "BIG" ..awesome. Diamond Frost Euphorbia..who knew it could look so stunning. Fantastic garden design and such a beautiful home.

    Your garden inspires me Loi..thank you.

  92. Informative blog and you shared pictures as well thanks for the all things admin meet and greet stansted


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