Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year, A New Shipment!

Happy 2013! I can't believe it's been almost a year since I started this blog. I'm incredibly grateful for your visits, feedback and friendship. And, delighted to have met so many of you in person. Many thanks!

Also, thank you to my awesome blog friends and colleagues. For anyone who has wanted to start a blog, do so in 2013. I know you'll find, just as I have, the community to be supportive and generous. A special thanks to three blog friends for their thoughtful gifts and giveaway wins during the holidays. Check out their blogs:

At Tone on Tone, we're ringing in 2013 with a new shipment. Enjoy this preview and little tour of our shop. In with the old, please!    
This pair of Swedish barrel-back chairs have unique leaf tip carved rails and graceful, sweeping lines.  
Below is an original green painted 18th century Mora clock which just arrived. It has a beautiful curvilinear shape and a classic hourglass form typical of Swedish tall case clocks.
A handsome pair of Swedish Empire console tables with very shallow depth - wonderfully and sympathetically restored. Note the Greek key aprons and step-back plinth bases.
A large Swedish or French painted settee with a shaped and high backrest - newly reupholstered. Pillows are in Rogers and Goffigon fabrics.
An 18th century Swedish Rococo table. It's graceful, humble and soulful. The top has been repainted, which is common for antique painted tables due to years of scrubbing and wear.
This pair of Swedish Empire demi lune (half moon) console tables have recessed aprons with inset drawers---not commonly found in Swedish demi lunes. They also have elegant brass escutcheons and sabots.
An exquisitely carved and small Swedish daybed from the Gustavian Period - Ca. 1780-90s. The scalloped skirt is found on 3 sides. The surface has been scraped down to it's early gray color.
A single demi lune console with allover neoclassical details, early 1800s.
It's been a while since I've had a tall Gustavian secretaire. This one has all the hallmarks of that period: reeded doors, diamonds, pilasters and columns. In the niche would have been vellum books.
In the foyer of our shop I've placed this 18th Cen Swedish blue cabinet. With it's shallow depth and drawers for keys, wallets and tchotchkes, don't you think it is perfect in a foyer or hall? 
Here's a fabulous Continental carved marble sink with lion face. There is an original drainage hole at the bottom so it's all ready for installation.
I love mixing painted furniture with natural colored pieces. The elmwood secretaire is Danish. The oak Os de Mouton chairs and cherry table are all French.
 Another French piece is the 18th century architectural "wooden curtains" from a chateau---most likely from the children's play theater. I think it would make a dramatic statement over an upholstered bed.
Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Loi! Thank you so much for your beautiful inspiration in design, thoughtful photographs and appreciation for all that nature offers. I love that you showed us a picture of your store front too! Look out 2013, it will be our best year yet! xob

  2. LOI....

    Wait, I have to catch my breath....

    OK, I think I am OK now.



    IF I had the bucks NOW, I would tell you ship it on over to Minneapolis, thank you.

    Those wooden curtains, good heavens you have the eye, the taste, the touch. Dear Loi, LOOK AT YOUR SHOP! I have to run out to D.C. to see this with my own eyes!

    Please come over to see my current post as I am going to change it over tonight at midnight, but it is of my house. I have my on "tone on tone" grays going on, but not LIKE THIS!

    Blessings to you and Tom as 2013 will be coming in two hours earlier for you. I agree, blogging has brought so many of us together and I know PAUL is a super guy. HUGS and on Jan. 1, I will also have a special look into one of my rooms in the house AND my latest paper creation, going into a store window this week. OH! Jan. 1 makes five years since I have been blogging!

    LOVE! Anita

  3. PS! and thanks for all of your fun comments on my blog, you always make me smile:)

  4. Loi I’m making my Christmas wish list right now….oh wait I’ll have to wait another year….NOOOO!

    You have really out done yourself with this shipment! You had me at the barrel-backed chairs. What you didn’t once mention a word about are those fabulous iron lamps! I want please. Your blue cabinet is amazing and the inside...WOW!

    I wish you, Tom, Mocha and Panda the best for the New Year!


  5. Dear Loi, Anita just alerted me to your new post!! OMG, exceedingly beautiful wares ! I would want them all....I love demi lune shaped tables and these are gorgeous, so much detail, and the Gustavian secretary too! You have an eye for beauty Loi, and the best taste....these treasures shall be gone soon. All the best, N.xo

  6. Loi,
    Thanks for sharing some of your new items. I've been looking forward to this post.

    If I had a bigger house, I'd choose the following things: The pair of Empire console tables, the neoclassical demilune table, the marble sink (VERY cool!) and the Danish secretaire. But it's hard to choose; they're all very lovely.

    It has been a pleasure "meeting" and getting you know you. Your style has no doubt influenced me and probably made me classier person.

    Warmest wishes for the happy, healthy and succesful new year!


  7. Oooh! The Danish secretaire is right up my alley and the marble sink is quite fetching. You must have enjoyed finding such wonderful new pieces. Did any find their way to your house?

    Wish you the happiest of new years!!

  8. Hi Loi, What a treasure trove you have brought home! So many beautiful things - something to dream about in 2013. Wishing you and Tom all good things in the year ahead. Thank you for your friendship this year!
    Lots of love,

  9. MC and I wish you a WONDERFUL 2013
    Loi, you have been such a joy to have met and call a Friend!
    You are a very special person...
    Thanks for sharing all this year. Your Blog is AMAZING!
    The new inventory is to dye for...Can't even try and choose a favorite!
    and.....Thank you so much for adding a picture of your shop front!
    Happy New Year!
    MC and Patty

  10. LOI! YOU CAME! OH I WISH YOU A HAPPY and safe celebration tonight; you must be two hours ahead of me so you are almost there! I too am very happy that we connected. Be well mon cher ami! Anita

  11. are so sweet to thank was my pleasure!

    Your new pieces are stunning. I love the Swedish rococo table...especially with the Oxalis sitting on top! Oxalis is one of my favorite houseplants!

    The secretaire is a dream piece for me to organize the paperwork/bills, and do a bit of writing. Unfortunately, our 1830's home has very low ceilings and couldn't handle the stature :( I cannot wait to see where someone places this beauty.

    The blue Swedish cabinet appeals to me because of the"hidden" drawers. I love a secret...or two...

    You need that beautiful sink in your garden!

    Your shop is so inviting...wish I lived closer for dreamy browsing.

    Spending the night relaxing. It feels wonderful.

    Happy New Year my friend.

  12. OMG everything is exquisite. You had me at hello with those stunning little barrel back chairs. But my second favorite is that small Danish secretaire. Just perfect lines in everything. I was in heaven perusing these (great photos too that do justice to the pieces!). I love all the pieces of ironstone I see with those great curvey lines. You always inspire.

    Happy New Year to you and Tom. I hope it is healthy and prosperous. xo Terri

  13. Dear Loi - if only I could start all over again. I love the daybed, and console tables. I can see everything flying out of the doors to your shop in the new year.
    Wishing you and Tom all the best in 2013, and so pleased that you came to visit my blog so that I could reciprocate.

  14. many wonderful things you bought for the store....I don't think I could choose a favorite...there all beautiful. Have a wonderful New Years....

  15. Loi,
    The blue chest with all the drawers and the lion sink are to die for! Best wishes to you in 2013!!!

  16. Loi my darling, I am in awe and inspired for 2013 to take my shop a step further.
    I am blessed for knowing you, maybe 2013 we will meet somewhere on this planet. Let me know when next you visit a Scandinavian port. I am always looking for a great excuse to eventually visit there, you are the perfect excuse.

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.
    Must sleep now, it's 2am here and I have a champagne head :-)
    Much love

  17. I suddenly have the urge to completely redecorate my house! How divine this new shipment is! There is not one thing I am not totally in LOVE with. Simply wonderful. I do love your blog and am so glad you share your talents with us. Happy New Year to you, your family and friends. I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store. Cheers!

  18. I love the barrel back chairs and the danish secretary with those Mouton chairs. Your recent haul will sell fast, it is all so gorgeous. I am so thankful to have met you and hope the new year is wonderful to you and Tom and the store! You really are a gem and I look forward to our continued friendship!
    Xoxo Nancy

  19. So many beautiful pieces...I honestly don't know how you part with them. Your tour makes me want to hop in the car and make the trip to Tone on Tone. So delighted to have met you this year. Your blog is one of the best out there. Happy, prosperous and joyful 2013!

  20. Such magnificent pieces, Loi. They are so very unique. What a treat it would be to browse your shop! I hope you have a very happy New Year. All the best for 2013,

  21. The consoles and the daybed are my favourites. I am only sorry I can't come in and buy them!

  22. Wonderful pieces, everyone of them.
    Thank you, for all the 2012 posts.
    Looking forward to what you will have to share in 2013.

    1. Welcome and thank you, Friendandfaux. I appreciate your note :) Loi

  23. Loi! EVERYTHING is stunning! The consoles, the blue chest, the barrel back chairs.. on my wish list. I adore the simplistic design of Swedish decor. The store front is gorgeous too! Your year is off to a great start with all these goodies;) Thank you for taking us on a tour Loi, and wishing you and Tom all the best in 2013!!


  24. Hello Loi, In a day when antiques are increasingly hard to come by, I don't know how you manage to not only acquire so many good ones, but also to maintain your look, range, and level of quality. All of the pieces are nice, but somehow the lines of the daybed appeal to me, although one would have to have the right spot for it.

    Happy New Year to you and Tom.
    --Road to Parnassus

    1. Thank you, Jim. I love my ornaments! Safely packed away for next year. Loi

  25. Wow! What a fabulous way to start out the New Year. That gingham covered daybed...... amazing! Best wishes for much success in 2013!

  26. Quanto raffinato gusto in questo bel blog!
    Loi,tantissimi cari auguri di buon anno!
    Buon 2013!
    ti abbraccio

  27. I love the juxtaposition of the Danish secretaire with the French chairs; exquisite. Gorgeous pieces you received! The daybed also has my name on it- in love, love! Happy New Year to you and Tom! I look forward to your enlightening and "feast for the eyes" posts this year. Cheers and here's to 2013! XX

  28. Exquisite things, every one!

    Happy 2013 to you and Tom!


  29. Happy New Year! You have beautiful items in your shop! All the best in the New Year!

  30. You hand pick the most exquisite pieces Loi!
    Your shop is like a second home.
    It has been a treat to know you and your world this year and I look forward to another year of beauty, inspiration and genius!
    Blessings in 2013 my friend!

  31. I can not get over that lion marble sink. I've seen marble sinks before but nothing like that!! Happy 2013, Michele

  32. Happy New Year Loi! Your new/OLD pieces are so gorgeous!! Loved seeing the exterior of your fabulous shop! Thank you so much for your friendship. I'm honored. Wishing you great things in 2013! Much love, Monica

  33. Happy New Year Loi!! What a treat to get to walk through your shop and look at all your goodies! Truly! The color of the blue cabinet is the prettiest blue I've ever seen!! And don't even get me started on that Mora clock!! How wonderful that you are surrounded by all this beauty everyday!

  34. Wow, so much loveliness in this shipment! The demi lunes are all exquisite, and I could build a whole conservatory around that gorgeous sink. I could fill it with orchids and gaze at it from my beautiful daybed!

    Happy New Year!

    xo Kat

  35. Happy New Year Loi. Love love love your shipment, especially the Mora clock (which I've always wanted, but will need to sell a kidney first!) and I love the daybed. Wish you had a West Coast shop outside San Francisco. I actually love so many of the pieces. If I could, I'd re-paint my whole house and start from scratch with this look. One day!

  36. Hello Loi.
    Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy 2013.
    Always look forward to your inspirational posts - here's to many more.
    Much love,
    Liz x

  37. Hi Loi,
    Happy New Year!!
    Your new/old pieces for the shop are fantastic... I couldn't possibly pick just one!
    And the rug in the photo with the elmwood secretaire... How I would love to design a room around that beauty!
    We are having the most perfect snowfall here in Bayfield today...
    All the best for a wonderful 2013... I will look forward to your posts filled with inspiration!

  38. Dear Loi - Seeing your new shipment is a splendid way for me to begin my New Year. It is all stunning and inspiring, but I am particularly attracted to the pair of Empire console tables — I wish I could fit them somewhere into my house, but I have a feeling they're going to walk out of your store fast! I think this is going to be a great year for you and Tom!

  39. Happy New Year Loi!
    Every single piece that you have shown is exquisite! Oh my...I cannot pick a favorite!
    Wishing you and Tom all good things for 2013 and I look forward to sharing more through our blogs.
    Take care my friend,

  40. Hello Loi,
    So, so very beautiful - all of it! I have just realised, I could never open a shop like yours because I wouldn't want to sell anything!! Wishing you and Tom a wonderful and happy 2013...

  41. Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2013. I have taken your suggestion for starting a blog as encouragement. Yesterday I started one on Creativity. Not selling anything but you never know where it might lead.

  42. Happy one year! I hope you're feeling encouraged and inspired by the wonderful success of your blog! It's quickly become a favorite! I'm no blog expert, but to have so many visitors and comments in one year is surely an honor! I think your exquisite taste combined with your gracious spirit and kindness to visit and comment on so many blogs has earned you a special place. Wishing you many blessings and much joy in the new year!

  43. Happy, happy! Love you and love your blog! It will even grow MORE this year. You have a beautiful eye and are supportive to so many:-) I hope I can see you in Washington DC this year! Are you going to the Design Blogger's conference? I am and YOU SHOULD!!! xoxo, K

  44. Happy New Year to the most talented lovely gentleman I have had the pleasure of discovering through blogging. If only all the world could follow your example, Loi-kind and generous, immensely talented and a willingness to share your blessings to inspire others! You are a joy, Loi ;o)

    Happiest New Year to you and Tom, best wishes for the continued success of Tone on Tone. I could find a place in our home for EVERY piece of your new shipment. Particularly adore both secretaries and the carved sink is gorgeous!

  45. Happy New Year Loi! I could take every piece! Beautiful! thank you for your friendship this year! Happy New Year!!!

  46. Loi and Tom,

    Happy New Year! We've arrived in 2013...we made it LOL! What a lovely array of goodies you've shared with us here. My word I can't exactly find the right ones at the moment. Every piece is lovely, your photos, vinettes and descriptions of pieces are like a gentle story unfolding.

    As I was looking and reading your description of: "French piece the 18th century architectural "wooden curtains" from a chateau---most likely from the children's play theater. I think it would make a dramatic statement over an upholstered bed." I turned my laptop upside down to view this piece as if it were hung in a non-traditional way upside down and sure appears to be a headboard already!

    My husband looked over at me turning my laptop upside down and laughed saying "what are you doing?" I expained to him that that was how I achieved an "A" on all my drafting and artwork in college and that by turning pieces upside down you gain a new perspective for balance, scale and symetry on paper, art work and furniture pieces. Furthermore, this is a innovative behavior and a top secret technique I developed to see things differently...ha ha.



  47. happy new year loi

    well you left me audibly gasping as each piece presented itself. your elegant vignette's along with your photography is additionally stunning. it would be fun to hear the back story; your travels, your finds, treasures and the hunt.
    you are an immensely talented duo.
    my best to you

  48. Dear Loi!

    Thank you for your lovely comments! I truly am encouraged by the sincere reactions from you all. I still have to deliver this dress this week and I hope the owners and the public who will see it will admire it as well to the point of drawing the right attention!

    I WISH YOU A WARM and fantastic new year my friend. Oh how I love that sofa!! :)


  49. Dear Loi

    A very Happy New Year and I am so thrilled that you decided to start a blog. You have given us tremendous joy.
    Some day I would love to visit your shop, I can see you select your merchandize with care and love.
    Helen xx

  50. Loi I just loved looking at all these wonderful photos! You are such a happy person that shares it over and over! I am so glad I have found you and look forward to a year of your excellence! One of these days, Brian and I are going to pop into see you! Have a great start to 2013~

  51. Loi,

    WOW!!! I love every piece! What an extraordinary collection of beautiful furniture and history. Congratulations of one year of blogging, your blog is like visiting a museum and the house of a good friend. I learn something each time I visit and I come away with a smile as if we just had a lovely conversation and a cup of tea.

    I hope that you and Tom have a very happy and blessed New Year. Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world, we are so lucky to have found you!


  52. Happy New Year to you and yours and may it be filled with blessings! I'm drooling over all of the beautiful new pieces and look forward to reading your blog in the coming year. Cheers, Cynthia

  53. Happy New Year Loi!!! I can't wait to see what awaits on your blog for 2013!! Thank you for lifting and inspiring my on so many levels!
    Your shipment is incredible, someday I'm going to stop by!!

    Best wishes to you and yours!

  54. Greetings Loi, Anita Rivera suggested I drop by for a visit. I owe her one!! I covet all the beautiful pieces in your many things I would love to have! Will be back to catch up on all I have missed. Have a wonderful day!

  55. good heavens, beautiful. Visiting your shop on my 2013 to do list! Happy New Year

  56. Gorgeous! Everything is just so elegant...each piece making a statement on it's own! I am crushing on quite a few things over here!
    I too plan on visiting you this year. You are not far from where our son is currently stationed and I can't wait to see your amazing store in person!
    Thanks for sharing the outside view it's really a lovely storefront!
    Happy new year to you and yours

  57. Loi - Happy New Year to you! Goodness, what beautiful pieces you've shown us and the way you display and arrange the pieces is beautiful. How are you able to leave these pieces in the shop and not take a few of them home with you?! Truly beautiful--I can't say it enough!

  58. Loi,
    Happy New Year!!! I love seeing the front of your storefront. Now, I can picture you arriving at work every day!! And, even better if I can visit in person one day! The shipment is many amazing pieces. Those chairs....I can see them in so many places. And, whoever gets that marble sink with lion is going to have one gorgeous bathroom.

    Here's to health, happiness and continued success in all you do!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  59. Simply Stunning!! I will take them all! I too just did my one year as first time blogger and was so surprised how wonderfully supportive other bloggers have been.
    I hope you had a wonderful holiday and I hope I get down to see this fabulous store in 2013!!
    xo Karolyn

  60. What a fabulous shipment! I don't know how anyone could chose a favorite, I know I sure can't. One of these days I'm going to make it to you shop! Happy New Year to you!

  61. Loi, first of all…HOW have I not seen this post until tonight? It is beyond my comprehension! No matter…it is stunning and each and every piece is fantastic! I love reading the comments and I love our little blogging group of friends…they are so loyal and I'm so thankful for them and for you! I'm extremely thankful that you give me the time of day after seeing this shipment and your storefront! OH MY!! I'm beyond impressed! If you were to come to Mountain Brook Village in Birmingham , Al you would think it quaint…but your store is to die for my friend! I will Definitely be coming by!!! If you can just give me the date of a good antique show nearby….I will book the flight! Just lovely!! simply lovely…simply stunning is your shop!! Your secretaire is calling my name…seriously!! It is almost yelling at me!! It's to die for!!!! Loved this post, Loi! Love you and so glad we are friends!

  62. Beautiful, beautiful pieces, Loi. Though not a Swedish design enthusiast, I may be on the brink of becoming one. When next in DC, would love to see your shop in person.

  63. Loi

    You have found some wonderful new pieces. Those curtains from the Children's Theatre are architectural items! Every piece you selected has style, grace and provenance! You have such an eye! Happy New Year my Friend!

  64. Hi Loi,
    I want and need every single piece---and just when I though that I wanted to go modern.........The case pieces, seating--all top notch.
    Happy New Year--sending tons of blessings.

  65. I have sent this post to clients! + we shall see what happens. Hopefully we will meet up in 2013,everything is crossed. Sending you a big Happy New Year from S. CA.

  66. Oh my, all of these pieces are so very beautiful in their own right-but that neoclassical detailed demi lune? Swooning! All our best to you and yours in 2013!

  67. Loi, so many beautiful pieces and what a lovely shop! If I could just pick out two objects it would be the console tables and the carved curtain swag!! Just beautiful.

  68. Loi,
    Congratulations on your blogging anniversary! It is fun, isn't it?
    What amazing items you've tracked down for your clients. I love the marble sink most of all but the clock and the rococo table were equally appealing to me. Such great finds. I'm certain 2013 will be a good year for you and for some really lucky customers.
    Happy 2013.

  69. A very happy new year to you Loi. Than yo for all the beauty you have shown us over the past 12 months, and for your new shipment, ... I'd be happy if you sent the whole lot straight on to Normandy - love it all!!

  70. ....And - a wonderful "new" exciting post!
    You must have been very pleased when all these "beauties" arrived, dear Loi. Buying is already an excitement, but after unloading, unwrapping....seeing each piece again in ones own environment, shop or home, and then it comes to the setting, creating the personal ambience, what a pleasure again!
    I always tried to live for a while with every piece before selling it, well, it has not always worked :)

    All your pieces of furniture and objects look to me very well and carefully chosen.

    I particularly love the Rococo table with its paint-remain of this special Swedish blue. The secretaire with reeded doors and pilasters (always my favorite!) and the Moira clock with its original paint work.
    Well done, Loi!

    My New Year's greetings to you are in "developement" and on its way - but for now and here:
    All very best wishes for a good, healthy and successful year 2013!
    Looking very much forward to more of your special, interesting and beautiful posts!

    Warmest greetings,

  71. Dear Loi,
    Happy New Year to you my friend! May this year bring you joy, happiness and lots of succes in your business!!
    Loi, all the furniture is gorgeous, oh dear, to die for!! I want it all!!!!!!!

  72. What a delight to see all the beautiful pieces of your new shipment. I only wish I could visit your store and purchase some but I think it might be a long drive....By the way, where is your shop?

    1. Cheri - The shop is located in Bethesda, MD....just right outside of Washington, DC. Here is our website:

  73. Loi I am so happy to have you as a friend! Your taste and refined eye is superb. I love so many of your new pieces I cannot even pick 2 or three I favor most! If I could come and visit I would be so thrilled!

    All the best in the New Year ahead!
    Art by Karena

  74. what an beautiful way to start 2013!

    i am off to figure out where i can put all of your gorgeous new pieces in my house!

    happy, healthy and prosperous new year my friend!


  75. Hi Loi,
    Happy New Year to you!
    I love the photos of your shop. So many beautiful pieces. I keep going back to that clock-it's really stunning-love the green.

  76. Oh Loi, so much sublime perfection. I think it is the timeless quality of the furniture that appeals to me most, they could belong to any age. If I could afford to I would order the entire shipment and have it sent over so that I could gaze lovingly at each piece every day. You have such a wonderful eye for beauty.

  77. I find myself dreaming every time I visit your beautiful blog. The Swedish barrel-back chairs are fabulous, in fact, I want the whole vignette!! Seeing your store front is wonderful - so nice to have a vision of where all of these beautiful antiques live. I'm going to be in Washington for a few days in January and would LOVE to see your store and meet the eye behind all of this beauty. Wishing you all the best in 2013!!

    1. Oh, I hope you can stop by for a visit :) Just let me know when - Loi

  78. All my best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year. Your shop looks beautiful.
    XO, Victoria

  79. Sua loja é linda e tem tudo que eu gosto. Esse armário azul está belíssimo, parabéns pelo bom gosto.
    Feliz 2013 que ele te traga muito sucesso e felicidade e que possamos estar compartilhando muitas alegrias neste novo ano.

  80. They are all beautiful, my favorites are the Empire console and the demilune with neoclassical details. I wish I had room in my house

  81. Happy new year Loi! And al the best for 2013.

    Greetings from Belgium

  82. My goodness Loi, your new pieces are simply gorgeous. I wish I lived closer just to admire your beautiful shop in person. Wishing you and Tom the very best in 2013!

  83. escutcheons. Now that's a word! haha! Love it all. Luvvvvvvvvvvvv those demi lunes with the drawer. I just ordered two from Wisteria. 300 bucks. (with my discount) ;] Of course, there's no comparison to the real thing, but they'll have to do. Loved seeing your store from the outside too! All the best in the New Year, Loi. Here's to much success all around! xxoo ~ Laurel

  84. Loi,

    Every single piece in your shop is absolutely beautiful! You are such a talented person! I have very much enjoyed following your blog and getting to know you as a blog friend. You are full of inspiration and friendly warmth! Thank you, and I hope 2013 will be even more spectacular!

  85. loi, i want it all. all. blogs inspire us in a myriad of ways, and yours inspires me to make some benjamins so i can spend it at your shop. i have a deadline approaching for an article to write, and this post is just what i needed to get organized and down to business. seriously. i'm not motivated by money so i need these reminders that there are fine quality heirlooms i truly desire to own. and they require cash. (the piece i must write is humor...imagine that.)

    peace to you, swedish lovin comrade.


  86. Bonne Année Loi !
    Tous ces meubles sont magnifiques !

  87. Hello Loi, thank you so much for your wonderful comments to my blog. I am also delighted to have connected with you and your wonderful blog. I love your home interiors and furnishings. I don't know if I can afford them but I am quite happy with the inspiration that you share with us. I should have photographed your house for my Inspiring Emerald piece. That would have been a fun collaboration. I have visited both Madrid and Barcelona. They are both two very different Spanish cities. I personally love Barcelona more for the Art, fashion and the food plus it is beside the Mediterranean Sea. I hope you will get to visit Barcelona one day.

    1. Sorry, you have been to Barcelona. Madrid is a beautiful city to visit too, with the Royal Palace, Prado and Reina Sofia Museums. They have delicious food too if you like the suckling pig. Then you can visit Toledo, Avila and Segovia from there.

    2. Thank you for the info, Pamela. I plan to visit Madrid....probably next year. Loi

  88. Sorry I've been late in getting around. I've been down with the dreaded Flu!! Yuck.
    what a pretty way to start out the new year with all your gorgeous pictures and design ideas.
    Happy 2013........Yes, it's hard to believe it's been just about a year since the first blog. Congrats to you friend.

  89. Loi,
    I do wish you a wonderful year ahead and thank you for all the beauty you share and inspire.
    You are a talented person and I feel so fortunate to have connected with you.
    Wishing you good health and prosperity,

  90. I love the Gustavian daybed.....nice post....I like your winter garden post as well...k

  91. Hi Loi. I really love that Mora clock. Do you mind telling me the price of that piece? I live in a small Texas town and we don't see those pieces often. Thank you in advance.


  92. Happy New Year Loi! Thank YOU for your wonderful blog and sharing this year, and most of all I treasure your friendship. Your antiques are absolutely gorgeous! and probably have new homes by now :) Wishing you the best year!!! xoRobin

  93. Hi Loi,
    Love your blog! I am interested in the Gustavian secretaire for a client of mine. Can you send me the dimensions and pricing if it is still available? My email is Thanks!

  94. Drooling over the furniture..all incredibly beautiful!!

  95. Such a gorgeous store! I love the secretaire vignette and the way you have mixed furniture. Lovely.

  96. Good afternoon Loi,

    Thank you for visiting! I am sure that your house would be the perfect place for a Little Free Library!

    I was just reading the blog La Pouyette and I think that you many enjoy her post today. Here is the


    A beautiful collection of photos from the Textile and antique show in London.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  97. Loi, I think the blending of the painted and natural pieces along with the colored carpet in your shop is genius. You also successfully mixed the sconces with contemporary shades into the vingnette which is what I really like! Lynn


Many thanks for your visit! If you have a question, please leave a comment and I will do my best to answer. Loi