Friday, February 15, 2013

February Flowers

Oh, February, if not for your bitter cold and dreary skies, I'd declare you my favorite month! February is kinda special for me. In addition to Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day, it is also my blog's anniversary. I just turned one. And, I also celebrated a "real" birthday.

Actually, my birthday celebration has been postponed as I'm feeling a bit under the February weather. (So I guess I'm not a year older yet, right??) I had planned on a special blog post, but feel too drained from this nasty cold

Plus, our little Mocha dog has also been really sick. She barely ate in 5 days! Many visits to the vet's office, Mocha is finally home and doing better.

So when things perk up, I hope to celebrate my blog anniversary with a special giveaway to thank all of you.

Since I like to always end on a positive note, I'll share a beautiful flower arrangement I received from Tom :) The arrangement was made by my friend and talented florist, Ellen Seagraves.
 Here is the stunning arrangement by Ellen Seagraves. Ellen knows my style and favorite colors. She and I have worked together on various projects over the last 10 years.
 Shades of whites, greens and grays are repeated.
Here are white ranunculus, green brunia berries and gardenia leaves.
 I love the contrast of textures and shapes: soft dusty millers, compact lime green hydrangeas, wiry tree ferns and glossy gardenia leaves.
 Above: white tulips with green eryngium.
 Green hanging amaranthus (above) and white roses with silvery white astrantia (below).


  1. Dear Loi,

    Tom's gift and Ellen Seagraves arrangement of your bouquet is simply stunning.
    Sorry to hear Mocha has been unwell and I wish you both a speedy recovery to good health.

    Helen xx

  2. Sending get well and birthday wishes to you Loi! Hope Mocha continues to feel better as well. The flowers are simply gorgeous. Ranunculus has always been my favorite. I planted white tulip bulbs earlier in the fall and am anxiously awaiting for their appearance this spring.

  3. Beautiful flowers and I sure hope you and Mocha feel better soon.

  4. Happy Birthday fellow Aquarian! We both had the flu/cold around our birthdays:( Glad to hear Mocha is feeling better too...what a difference in the energy of our homes when our animals are ill. Tom is a super star with that bouquet! Stunning. Our national radio station (the CBC) had a segment on men receiving flowers, and I am happy to say that I have sent them to Patrick as well. I so appreciate the beauty and eloquence that you and Tom bring to this earth. Many blessings to you both for this year...of the SNAKE!!! Yay! That's me, I am so excited! xob

  5. Happy Birthday and Happy One Year Anniversary for the Blog....
    I hope you are feeling better very soon. Eating that chicken soup?
    The flowers are more than beautiful.....I especially love the white tulips!
    Even when you are ill you give us all a wonderful Post!
    Thank you so much,

    1. Thank you, Patty! I'm finally feeling better. Yes, lots of chicken soup (and hot tea). Loi

  6. Happy Birthday, Loi! You have so much to celebrate this week. I'm sorry to hear that you and Mocha have been under the weather, but glad to know you are both on the mend. The flowers are striking--the combination of green and white is refreshing! Have relaxing weekend!

    Take care,

  7. Happy Birthday to you Loi !! I do hope you're all fit and well very soon. Thank you again for the beauty and joy you give us all with your blog. Truly, I feel so blessed to have come across this glorious gem of a blog. High fives to Tom for his superb taste in flowers too. God bless.... Felicity

  8. Loi, Happy Birthday and Happy Blog Anniversary! I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well, and that poor Mocha hasn't been up to snuff either. I hope you both continue to be on the mend, and who wouldn't be with that gorgeous arrangement!!! Tom deserves kudos for knowing how to make you feel better. :)

    Get well soon, and give Mocha a hug from us.

    xo Kat

  9. Feel better soon! And enjoy your gorgeous arrangement! Looking forward to many years of blogging to come!

  10. First: Happy Birthday-no matter when you celebrate :)
    Next: Speedy get well wishes to you AND Mocha! Those beautiful flowers certainly lifted your spirits.
    Finally: A year of blogging -always with those gorgeous pictures and amazing designs? Congrats!

  11. If I had to guess who the flower arrangement was for, yours would be the name that would immediately spring to mind. Sorry that you have been feeling under the weather, and poor little Mocha too.
    A delayed birthday will be all the better having waiting with anticipation that bit longer. Well done on your first blog anniversary - get better soon and take care.

  12. Dear Loi,
    Happy Birthday and Happy Blog Anniversary!
    Hope everything will be ok soon!
    Flower are very lovely, so soft and delicate! Just beautiful!

  13. Dear Loi,

    I'm sorry to hear that Mocha has been ill - it is always very trying when a pet is ill - it makes you feel so helpless.

    The flowers are fab and are very 'you'. The white roses look lovely.

    Get well soon my blogging friend so that you are able to enjoy both anniversaries!

    Bye for now


  14. Happy Birthday and congratulations on blogging for a year! You inspire us so Loi. I am so sad to hear that little Panda has still been under the weather. Do you feel her disease is under control now? You take care my friend that bug this year is viscious...and...those flowers...that is absolutely the most beautiful bouquet I have ever seen. I am going to repeat that one!!

  15. My dear Loi,

    Oh how I extend my wishes to you for a speedy recovery! This is the worse time to be ill for both man and beast. I have had several friends whose beloved pups have been ill; that always makes us feel even worse.

    I AM THRILLED THAT YOU ARE ONE YEAR OLD NOW! teehee....Blogging has truly been an experience for me these five+ years of blogging. Many transformation in my creativity and life has occurred due to the connections that we have all made, and you have been a bright and shining friend to many of us.

    Tom has FANTASTIC TASTE in his gift to you. And your florist friend and colleague has a touch that is refined and perfect. To capture the gray tones here is genius. Your sideboard/console is FANTASTIC and I have to tell you that I recently painted a French desk in my studio, a Paris gray. I love the look I obtained but my dream is to own one of those Swedish settee/couches that you featured a while back. Then my "tone on tone" look will be complete in the older part of my home.

    Much love to you and Tom dear friend. Anita

  16. What beautiful flowers, Loi. I especially love the white ranunculus. Happy birthday to you! So sorry you haven't been feeling well. Knock on wood, I haven't had a cold or a virus of any kind yet (and everyone around me has been sick) -- I hope I don't jinx things. When you feel better, be sure to celebrate well. Congratulations also on your blog's one year anniversary. I can't believe it's only been one year -- you have so many followers! But that's because you have such a lovely blog and your style is impeccable. Take care,

    1. Oh, I forgot to say that I'm sorry Mocha has been sick too ... that's very stressful, but I'm glad your pup is doing better.

  17. My friend Loi, Happy, Happy Birthday to you. Those flowers are so sweet. They must smell so fragrant in your house. I am glad Mocha is feeling better now. My Barkley didn't do so well. He passed on Monday. So sad. Anyway, Happy blog anniversary too. I hope you are feeling better and all the best to you. Have a great weekend.

  18. an absolutely stunning arrangement. what a gift...and what a gift to know a florist who "gets" it so right. that's hard to find, I am sure. wishing you (and puppy) a quick recovery, loi, and happy birthday and blog anniversary. all my best, donna

  19. Hi Loi,

    I do hope you and Mocha are feeling better!
    The flowers are lovely... just perfect for spring inspiration!

    Your blog has been a joy to me this year and I know that year two will be even better!

    Big hug from Canada,

  20. AQUARIUS??? HOLY CRAP!!! Me too! Feb 7!!! I should've known, (since we were obviously separated at BIRTH!):]]]!!! If your b'day is the 13th, however, then I'm really going to freak out! I have one of those "it can't possibly be true" (but it most definitely is) stories that I've been writing a blog post about for the last week. haha! (something about a cabinet named "Donald" [the company's name] that on the THIRD attempt [uh huh] to be delivered due to unforeseen calamities, (like the driver had a family emergency followed by a massive Nor'Easter) finally arrived on my late bro's (Donald) birthday, which was 2.13 in the year 2013. wtf is right!

    But lets get to the main subject here which is THAT color and I don't care what we call it, chartreuse, citrine, yellow-green, Galliano, :] that is the COLOR that truly makes my heart sing!!! (no red roses... please. they kinda depress me.) Every April, when the first buds of chartreuse appear against the gray branches/sky, I really, REALLY begin to go nuts. (really, Laurel?). ;] Yes, yes, I know, quite scary. :]

    Happy birthday, Happy blogiversary - Loi! Spring is a comin'!!! xoxo ~ Laurel

    PS: feel better soon! and also so glad to hear that Mocha is doing better. We nearly lost our dear Peaches on his 13th b'day in May 2011. He had to have emergency surgery to unblock his guts and he's once again, our bouncing kitten!

    PPS: I never know whether to answer you on my blog or your blog, but I did write an answer on my blog, if you didn't see it. I had the vacuum on the wrong setting! oops! glad I figured that out before I was left with no rugs!

    PPS: I just got those incredible chairs (Napoleon III style) that I had reupholstered in chartreuse linen. Yes! with the yellow walls (BM HC-4, it is) and my Donald cabinet, which I spent six hours on the 14th, painting it, because I loved the cabinet but hated the almost black (yuck) fretwork and the almost brown linen behind it. Its not quite finished, but your gonna love it! Its now, the palest, palest chalky grey God ever invented and the fabric looks other worldly. (maybe I should just shut up and write my OWN blog post?) :] feel better!!!

  21. Fabulous flowers! Hope you are on the mend and back in blogland soon.

  22. I love all white flowers with textural greens, just beautiful.
    Happy Weekend,

  23. Hope your feeling better soon and Mocha....Congrats on your blog being 1 year old!

  24. Hi Loi,
    I've been missing your posts. Sending love and prayers for a quick recovery for for Mocha, Happy that she is home. Hopefully you guys will soon be well and back to business as normal.xoxox

  25. Dear Loi, my kind of bouquet, and fav colours, green and white! Happy blog anniversary! I do hope you are feeling better soon. Everyone is down with this nasty! So happy you decided to start a blog! We are the lucky ones! My son Matt's birthday is Feb.4 and I adore Aquarians!! N.xoxo

  26. Happy Birthday and Happy 1 yr anniversary! Look what you have done in a year! sorry you aren't feeling well. I have something myself. No fun! The flowers are lovely!

  27. Loi,
    Happy belated birthday for last Tuesday! Get well soon.
    Ellen's floral work is lovely. White flowers look great with the creamware on the cabinet.
    Colleen [Summer]

  28. Hello Loi, So sorry you have not been well; I guess there has been a lot going around this year.

    Get well soon, and have a happy birthday. I'm sure the flowers will cheer you up, as well as planning out your next article.
    --Road to Parnassus

  29. Happy birthday and feel better! And, beautiful flowers - your friend is very talented! xoxo

  30. Hello Loi:
    What an absolutely wonderful gift. Nothing, in our view, compares with arrangements of green and white flowers for the house and these are so perfect.

    We are so sorry to hear that you have been unwell. These kinds of things are so demoralising and depressing and, furthermore, have a nasty habit of lingering on. We send you our warmest wishes for a speedy recovery, our congratulations on a year of blogging, and many, many happy returns on your birthday. J&L, xxx

  31. Dear Loi,
    Happy birthday to you and happy anniversary! Keep writing this wonderful blog, I look forward to every posting.
    Sending you lots of warm hugs and best wishes, Liliana

  32. dearest loi
    happiest of everything to you, and to tom, and to mocha. sending well wishes.
    the flowers are exquisite, singly and as a composition.

    in anticipation of your anniversary, may i say that i have found your blog to be my favorite; beautiful writing, lovely topics......always, stunning photographs and warm hearted comments. finding a comment from you on my blog is always an honor.

  33. Beautiful flowers! They certainly warm up a gray February day.

    Hope you and Mocha are feeling better soon. And happy New Year. I hope the year of the snake is filled with health and happiness...and some lucky red envelopes filled with special surprises.

  34. Loi, All the best to you and Mocha and wishing you both a speedy recovery. Sending you some of our Pebble Beach sunshine this weekend :)- sunny and warm....finally! Happy Birthday to you and your lovely blog!XO

  35. Such a lovely arrangement of flowers Loi. The white and green is my favorite color combination :) very pretty. So sorry to hear that you and Mocha are under the weather. Lots of liquids and don't forget about chicken noodle soup! My daughter cheers for the Seattle Sea Hawks and they have just returned from a trip to Hong Kong. They were in the parade (and did several promos) in honor of the New Year celebration. Here is a link of the video if you are interested. It was an amazing experience for her to travel there!

    My blog is currently out of commission:( has been difficult to work with and I am not computer savy. I'm taking a little break and contemplating discontinuing or hiring help. My blog is supposed to be a fun social outlet and I need to weigh the cost/benefit.. anyway have a great weekend and stay warm!!


  36. Sorry you and Mocha aren't "up to snuff." You certainly made me FEEL BETTER after seeing your flowers! Hang in there!! franki

  37. What LOVELY flowers! So sorry you and Mocha aren't feeling well. I hope both of you are much better very soon!

  38. Dear Loi,

    Happy Birthday! And I am so sorry you and Mocha have been under the weather. Do feel better soon and hope little Mocha comes around. Rather scary when pets are sick and can't say what is wrong. What stunning flowers. I adore a green and white arrangement and Ellen did a beautiful arrangement of my favorite green and white flowers. Well done!

    My birthday is coming soon (March) and it is usually on one of the coldest and bleakest days of the year so I always request flowers from David (and buy some of my own), which brighten winter spirits.

    xo Terri

    1. Oh, and I totally missed the other news...happy blogiversary! You are only a year old. You seem much older and wiser. ;0

      xo Terri

  39. The flowers are beautiful. Your friend is very talented. Congratulations on your first anniversary and your birthday, and I hope you and your sweet Mocha are on the mend really quickly.

  40. I love to use dusty miller in arrangements, it adds such softness. Love those daybeds in the last post.

  41. Happy Birthday! The flowers are a stunning combination. It's wonderful too that you photographed them as they'll last long after the blooms face. Happy to hear Mocha is on the mend.

  42. ...."Once more the Heavenly Power
    Makes all things new,
    And domes the red-plowed hills
    With loving blue;
    The blackbirds have their wills,
    The throstles too......"

    Happy Birthday to YOU...and happy blog-anniversary too, dear Loi.

    All my very best wishes for Mocha, I certainly share your feelings, your concerns about...!

    Please keep in mind that Spring is around the corner, certainly!

    ...."Opens a door in Heaven;
    From skies of glass
    A Jacob's ladder falls
    On greening grass,
    And o'er the mountain-walls
    Young angels pass...."
    by Alfred Lord Tennyson

    Thanks for these re-freshing and wonderful Spring bouquets!
    And by the way - You're as old or young as you feel!

  43. I so hope you feel better!! The flowers are beautiful!!! Happy anniversary to Tone on tone!! xo Leslie

  44. Happy Bloggerversary Mr Loi. I await news of your 'Official' Birthday celebrations when I shall order a royal salute in Hyde Park for you.
    The flowers are beautiful. I adore brunia buds and foilage. We use them throughout the year and they feature lots in our winter projects.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery, I prescribe homemade ginger and parsley tea.

  45. Dear Loi,
    I'm so sorry to hear that you've been unwell, and your sweet Mocha, too.... I send my warm wishes for a speedy recovery for the both of you, and very happy birthday wishes to you and your beautiful blog! Your birthday flowers are stunning-- and very beautifully chosen to reflect your taste-- how wonderful! February is the perfect time for flowers and celebrations, isn't it? And all of that anticipation for the spring really adds to the mood...
    With warm birthday regards,

  46. What a BIG Month for you, birthday, blog anniversary,! I sincerly send you warm hugs + Mocha + Tom and hope you have a speedy recovery. Thank god Mocha is better.

  47. What lovely flowers from Tom. Flowers can always help, no matter how under the weather one might be.
    Feel better soon, my friend. Mocha may have been having sympathy sickness for you :)
    Happy Birthday anyway and look forward to your one year anniversary blog. I know it's a big deal !!

  48. I am sorry you are under the weather Loi!

    These lovely flowers must have brightened your day. The subtle tones with the pop of chartreuse has always been a favorite.

    And of course my friend, a VERY Happy Birthday!!

  49. Dear Loi, I hope that you and Mocha make a full recovery ASAP so you can really celebrate :) The flowers arrangements are beautiful, my favorites also, a little taste of Spring!

  50. Loi,
    A fellow surprise. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. I hope you are back up and running on all cylinders soon. I'm relieved Mocha has gotten better. It is always so stressful when our little canine companions get sick. Tom knows what would cheer you...those flowers are fabulous and I love the whites, pale greens and gray.
    I thoroughly enjoy your posts and am honored when you stop by for a visit and leave a comment.
    Spring is just around the corner, we'll all feel giddy with warmer weather and time in the garden. :-)

  51. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and most importantly, Get Well Soon. The photographs of your flower arrangement are wonderful. I love green, white and gray. Just beautiful. I'm looking forward to your next year of inspiring posts. Your blog is my favorite!!

  52. Well Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary, Loi! Your blog is very special and a real standout among design blogs. I'm so glad you started it!

    Your flowers are beautiful! Those are some of my favorites, especially the ranunculus, which I rarely see. Green brunia berries? I've never heard of them - so pretty.

    Hope you and Mocha get to feeling better soon!


    1. Hi, Kerry - Thank you!! I've enjoyed my first year. You should start a blog! You have such a wonderful following on Pinterest. Loi

    2. Oh, nooo, I'm not a writer... or a designer. I find even commenting on bogs (particularly yours) to be rather intimidating. You have a following of the most articulate people! I do love all things design and Pinterest has been a dream. But I'm a bit of a "pin" hoarder, which explains the following. ;-)

  53. Dear Loi,

    Happy Birthday! To you and your blog, and I hope you feel better soon. It is tough to be under the weather, and even more difficult when you dear friend, Mocha is also not doing well. I am so happy you have Tom and that he gave you this beautiful arrangement.

    I am hoping for sunny skies for you and ease and comfort this weekend,

  54. Dear Loi,

    I hope that by the time you read this, you are feeling well and are back to 100 per cent. I'm wishing you a belated happy birthday, and also a happy blog anniversary. One can see looking back over all you postings, that you have a beautiful inner vision of the world, and I'm so glad that you are able to share that with us all.

    Ellen Seagraves' bouquet is as creative as it is beautiful, and I enjoyed seeing the rest of her work at her link — where you are featured!

    Wishing you good health, my blogging friend,


    1. Thank you, Mark! I will pass this on to Ellen. Send us some of that Florida sunshine!

  55. hope everyone is feeling 100% soon! those flowers are so beautiful!!! tom chose well!

  56. Loi,

    I hope that you are feeling better, a long winter cold and a sick pup is bound to bring you down. Congratulation on your birthday! Your blog birthday and of course on celebrating Chinese New Year that should keep you busy every weekend with parties.

    I cannot wait to read and see your celebratory post. The flowers from Tom are absolutely stunning! I have seen many beautiful arrangements but this stopped my in my tracks. The colors and textures are a feast for the eyes.

    I hope that you stay in where it is toasty and warm this weekend with your pup and a good book and get well soon.

    Take care and very Happy Birthday to you!


  57. I'm so sorry that you and your sweet pup have been under the weather - so hope you are both better soon!! Happy 1st blog anniversary - that's so exciting and gorgeous flowers to pep you an all white arrangement - my favorite!!

  58. Sending a Happy Birthday greeting to you my fellow Aquarian and warmest wishes for both you and your beloved dog to feel much better so you all may celebrate such a momentous occaision!!! I simply Must get down to your shop as I am a designer and fellow antique dealer

    1. Hi, Barbara - Welcome and thank you!! Please do visit. I'd love to meet you and chat :)

  59. If I could I'd send Mocha a puppy bouquet--feel better soon. Wishing you sunshine and all things comforting!

  60. Hello Loi,
    Hope that Mocha is doing better every day, such a worry, a poorly pup. I also hope you are better and can celebrate your birthday everyday until the end of the month! The flowers are so beautiful and I am sure brought you a smile. Well done on your 1 year blog-birthday.
    All four of you, keep warm and my very best wishes,

  61. Your birthday flowers are absolutely stunning Loi ranunculus and parrot tulips are some of my favorites. I hope you and Mocha are feeling better soon, Dylan's a bit under the weather too food allergy and itchy feet. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

    Big hugs to you all!

  62. So sad to hear you have been sick! Happy birthday sweet friend, and blog anniversary ! You have definitely made the blog world better for all of us. I hope Mocha will be fine- what did she have? That is scary. Maybe today's pics of Gibbs will cheer you up. My favorite flowers are ranunculus! That arrangement is spectacular.
    Hope youre back to yourself now and that you have a wonderful week ahead.
    xoxo Nancy

  63. I am sorry to hear you have not been feeling well..tis the season. We know so many who have been very sick, including my husband with flu and pneumonia, thankfully hes over it now. Do hope you are on the mend soon and your little pooch too:)
    The flowers must be a bright spot...thy are sooo gorgeous! Feel better:)

  64. PS Wishing you a very happy and healthy birthday!!

  65. What a gorgeous arrangement Loi! Happy Birthday, Happy Blog Birthday and Happy New Year (wow, that's a lot of Happy;)!! I hope you are feeling better and I am so sorry to hear that sweet Mocha hasn't been well. I hope she is feeling better too. It is so difficult when our babies are sick....
    Sending you and your household love and light...

  66. Hi Loi! I hope you are feeling better and Mocha too, my daughter was just at the animal hospital with their little Chloe, who was fixed Friday, well, she pulled out the outer stitches so back again she went, she now weighs 7lbs 8oz.(smile)
    The flower arrangement is just stunning! I literally sat and stared at it, the colors are gorgeous. In fact I'm pinning on my centerpiece board and the wedding board for my future DIL! I love how everything just com pliments each other so well!
    I'll be looking forward to you next post and happy blog birthday!

  67. I'm happy to hear Mocha is feeling better. Many birthday wishes to you, darling friend! The flowers are really stunning, so delicate and elegant.
    Many hugs Loi!

  68. I do hope that you and Mocha get better soon! So many wonderful things going on this month!
    Your flowers are fabulous, How thoughtful of Tom!
    I love the combination of flowers used...dusty miller is always a favorite of mine and anything in white is perfect!
    Happy, Happy Birthday to you as soon as you feel like celebrating!
    Hugs and best wishes!

  69. LOI! You're up and about my friend! Oh, to be that ill to have to stay in bed? And for the Valentine's Day celebration? But love is always available and I know that Tom and Mocha are taking good care of YOU!

    Thanks for coming over to see my post. It was fun to translate what I believe is a topic for all year 'round: Love. Hot, cold, tempestuous or calm, it is the energy that keeps us going, isn't it?

    Peace, calm and healing to you my friend! Anita

  70. the arrangement is sooooooo lovely. i shared the images with Bill (husband) on a drive to restoration hardware outlet, and he loved em too. btw, we found some great bargains! i'm unfamiliar with the tree ferns and astrantia. all i know is i like, and you have the best taste.

    sure hope you and mocha are back to 100% soon. is mocha a shihtzu like bella? we're so crazy about this breed. they're such teddy bears.

    hugs to you.


  71. Dear Loi,

    Happy, happy birthday to you and your beautiful blog, my talented and sweet friend! Hope you are feeling better; that gorgeous bouquet must have helped! All the best to you, now and always.

    Poppy xo

  72. Oh, I am so sorry to read that you are not feeling well. I hope that some rest and a few days will do the trick. Happy blog B-day, and your own B-day...whenever you fell like having one. The flowers are stunning. Obviously, Tom has good taste.

  73. Happy Birthday dear Loi! I'm so sorry you've been sick, and little Mocha. Hope you both are all better in no time. Happy anniversary, thank you! for the wonderful gift you've given us this year. Beautiful arrangement!! So sweet.
    take care xo

  74. Happy Birthday Loi and happy blogaversary too! I hope both you and your doggie are feeling in tip top shape soon! Such a stunning bouquet! I adore the coor combination!

  75. *color* grrr stupid keyboard. I guess I need to learn to proofread things before hitting publish.

  76. Hello Loi,
    Your Birthday flowers are beautiful. Happy Birthday!!!!!
    Sorry you have been feeling under the weather-hope to hear you are on the mend soon.
    In the meantime,
    Much love,
    Liz x

  77. Happy Blogaversary, Loi! I love every single post!
    The flowers are fabulous! Such a nice gift.
    Please tell your little angel to get better soon.
    Happy Monday.

  78. I love Dusty Miller, I didn't know it would keep in a cut arrangement.
    Happy one year with your blog! I have had mine since August of 2011 and enjoy my readers very much. They are the best! You should know, you are one of them! Happy birthday and get well!

  79. Parabéns pelo aniversário e te desejo muito sucesso. Que bom que seu cão está bem. Amei essas flores. Eu também gosto dessas cores.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

  80. congrats on blog anniversary and happy bday! Love the flower arrangement!

  81. Beautiful flowers. Hope you are feeling better now. Happy birthday and anniversary :)

  82. My dear Loi! Thank you for coming to visit. Yes, I am going to visit family in Los Angeles! It will be a quick trip, but I also need some time away from writing posts and I need to spend more time reading. My heart is calling me to study more of the poets I so want to emulate, so I will be giving my "style" a little break.

    I hope you are getting better and better every day! Love, Anita

  83. Hope you're feeling better, Loi, and also poor Mocha. Congratulations on a year of great posts. So glad I found you.
    Tom's flowers were lovely.

  84. wow what an amazing purposes, simply loving them
    hope youll like my blog as i love your one!

    definitely keep like this and wish you the best. hope we can follow each other to stay in touch!


  85. That beautiful bouquet would certainly brighten my day, how beautiful. So sorry to hear about the cold and your chiot, hope everyone is feeling better soon!

    xo ebh

  86. Its is very nice birthday flowers. I appreciate your work. Keep it up.

  87. The kiddos have been sick here too. In fact, I'm headed to the doctor with baby Ian this morning. I've been consuming as much Vitamin C as possible so that i do not get sick too:-(. Feel better soon and get as much rest as you can. Beautiful flower too.

  88. Those flowers are so cheery! Hope you feel better and happy birthday!

  89. I knew there was a reason I was drawn to you,beside the fact you have the most impeccable taste going on! I too am a February Bday..Feb 1st! So are you an Aquarian too? I think the flowers that Tom sent you are gorgeous! I love the silver and green tones..and the Ranunculus WOW!
    Feel better , spring is around the corner!
    xo Karolyn

  90. Loi,
    Wow...February is a busy month for you! Happy birthday and blog anniversary! So sorry to hear you and Mocha have been under the weather. Hope you are both ready to "spring" into March!

    That arrangement is jaw dropping!!! I even spy tulips!!
    Be well!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  91. Loi,

    Happy Belated Birthday! Virtual hugs to you, Tom, and Mocha. Stunning floral arrangement. The lovey smell of a floral arrangement can heal many ills. Ellen has the artist within magic touch. Happy first year anniversay on your blog as well. Green tea with honey, clementine tangerines right before bed and then lots of rest. Hope you both feel better real soon.

    xoxo Bette

  92. Feel better Loi - maybe you and Mocha are suffering from event fatigue?

  93. What a gorgeous bouquet and talented designer - reminding us a bit of the bouquets we are seeing at Downton Abbey. We hope you feel better soon and celebrate your birthday(s) in style!

  94. It's Beautiful Antiques Furniture

  95. Happy, happy belated birthday, Loi! And happy Blog-iversary too. I hope you are swiftly on the mend. Any time of year is a dreadful time for a cold, but February can be particularly miserable.

    Your flowers are lovely. They comprise 3 of my all-time favorites-- ranunculus, hydrangeas and roses.


  96. Happy (belated) birthday! I am late to the game with this comment. One year of blogging is a big milestone - so many people start blogs then abandon them very quickly, but you have developed a great blog voice and a huge following. I enjoy reading each and every post.

    Hope everyone in your house is feeling better...

  97. Hope I am not too late to send along best wishes for your anniversary and warm get well wishes for Mocha. NB in Ontario

  98. So sorry to hear you're not feeling well - it's that time of year! Happy anniversary and belated birthday, I hope sweet Mocha starts feeling better.
    Your blog has been such an inspiration, thanks for sharing your amazing gifts with all of us!

    Sending smiles your way!

  99. Hello, Loi - HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated) and anniversary!! I do hope Mocha is doing much better. Your blog has been such an inspiration to me and I appreciate you being in my life. Hugs to you, Tom, and the dogs!!!

  100. Stunning flowers and I pass your store often but usually am in a rush but will stop by. I was especially intrigued by an old-looking hyacinth (ivory with metals in a pot - I think it's on a low table) I quickly admired from the window. Your aesthetics are elegant, simple, graceful and classy. I ADORE the flowers in this blog (I have a blog using horticulture as a unifying theme for observations on design, nature's beauty & mysteries and much more -

    I've recently completed some renovations on my mid century modern home and would love to try out some of the store's pieces in the house to tie together some incredible antiques, the use of nature (bringing the outside, in) and subtle colors. Looking forward to reading more blog posts and visiting the store!

  101. or on my blog;

  102. Those flowers are gorgeous! I'd love to get a bouquet like that! I love white. So sorry you have been sick - no fun at all :( And Happy Birthday - hope you get to celebrate soon!

  103. Happy Birthday Loi!
    Some of my favorite people were born in February like my mom!
    Your b-day flowers are amazing!!!
    And you blog has been a gift to us all!
    Much love to you my friend

  104. I am so terribly late here, dear Loi...but I hope very much that you are well now! And Mocha too....
    What a wonderful month of celebrations! A Very Happy and Healthy Birthday to you!! Wishing all the best this year...your friendship and love of life are precious gifts...
    This is a stunning bouquet...
    Be and Tom enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!
    Oh, and Happy Bloggyversary! We are so very LUCKY that you have chosen to share your impeccable are quite an inspiration... :)
    Much love and blessings,
    - Irina

  105. Colori raffinati e superbe composizioni!
    Ciao Loi:)

  106. Oh my. How gorgeous. My absolute favorite combination. Hope you feel better soon. And so happy your little dog us doing better. It's so scary when they get sick. XO. Mona

  107. AMAZING FLOWERS:) flowers make me want to have spring even more haha

    If you want to se a lovely Swedish webshop...check out my new post:)

    have a great day

    LOVE Maria from

  108. I am glad to hear that Mocha is on the mend. Dogs are members of our family.

  109. Happy belated birthday, Loi. February flew by for me and I missed your post. I love, love the combination of ranunculus and lime green hydrangeas! What a gorgeous and thoughtful gift. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  110. That bouquet is absolutely gorgeous! God Bless you good this year, Loi!!

  111. Loi, I hope you are enjoying your break! Be safe if you are traveling and enjoy. I miss seeing your posts.


  112. Hi Loi, Happy (Belated) birthday!!!!Oh my Gosh!!!! These are real fresh flowers . Just love this post.

  113. Gorgeous flowers.....check
    Getting sick.....sucky
    Moochie Muffin getting sick......tragic
    Celebrating blog!

    You are the best!

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  115. Beautiful arrangement, love the textures & color combo!


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