Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Brown and White Transferware for Thanksgiving


Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Tom and I will be celebrating with my family in Virginia, and there will be quite the spread of food - from the traditional turkey dinner to authentic Chinese dim sum. Have you ever had turkey over sticky rice? Yum :)

During this time of year, I always think of the color brown - rich, warm and cozy just like my favorite winter throw. Outside, autumn's vibrant hues have all turned brown. Speaking of outside, it has been absolutely frigid, the kind of weather perfect for indulging in hot cocoa. I love that shade of deep chocolate! Of course, Thanksgiving would not be complete without a delectable golden-brown turkey with plenty of gravy. And, this is the time of year I bring out my brown transferware.
Wall color in Java by Benjamin Moore

As regular readers know, I have a weakness or, a few might say, a sickness when it comes to collecting antique china. Since yours truly has accumulated so much ironstone, creamware and transferware, rotating the collections is a necessity: bring some out, put some away. It's the only way to live with such an obsession. When it comes to displaying, I practice what I call "contained clutter." Pile it on en masse and group the pieces all together. This creates more impact than a scattering of individual pieces.

Presenting my brown-and-white transferware...unpacked, cleaned and piled high on this French enfilade / long server:
Most of these date from the late 1800s during the Aesthetic Movement or Aestheticism, a period that championed the philosophy "Art for Art's Sake." Artists believed that beauty alone was reason enough for the creation of their work - a departure from having to justify meaning, purpose and value. In transferware, this freedom of expression resulted in free flowing asymmetrical designs, exotic Oriental influences, and exuberant blooms plucked from nature.
Here is a pretty serving platter in the Petunia pattern by Johnson Brothers of Staffordshire, England. Note its unusual asymmetrical shape. A pair of love birds decorate this vase made for holding hat pins for the fanciful Victorian lady.
ABOVE: Two vegetable or casserole covered tureens from the Aesthetic Movement. The larger one is bordered with festive pinecones - perfect for holiday entertaining. BELOW: A small serving platter featuring a country hunt scene complete with dogs and pheasants.
Popular Aesthetic Movement transferware subject matters include:

-Geometric borders and banners
-Oriental, especially Japanese, motifs such as bamboo trees, chrysanthemum blooms, fans, etc.
-Asymmetrical shapes and patterns
-Gardens, flowers, birds and other animals from nature
-Small postcard-like scenes (called cookies) randomly embedded in the pattern 
Though not related to Aestheticism, I love this French ironstone pate keeper with brown lettering. It was made to advertise Maison Quillet's pate - delicious I would assume!  

*    *    *    *    *    *

I couldn't write about brown transferware without showing my good friend Ellen Seagraves' enviable and eclectic collection. In addition to being a gifted florist, Ellen is a passionate collector. I've shown her work before in this post. Enjoy this mini tour of her home.    
My favorite piece from Ellen's fabulous collection is this well-and-tree (for catching juice) meat platter with little postcard-like images overlapping each other - it reminds me of a scrapbook. 
ABOVE: A butter pat with a geometric ring hiding a dragonfly.
ABOVE: This prized covered tureen has unusual beading on the handles. BELOW: A display of plates, platters and butter pats create a focal point in the kitchen.
Please say hi to Ellen! Ellen and I met 10 years ago when she wandered into my first shop - we hit it off right away chatting about antiques, flowers and local shops. As mentioned, she is a florist and, obviously, creates many wedding arrangements. Look at her vintage wedding cake toppers. So fun! :)
Ellen, gotta run but thank YOU for sharing your cool finds!! xo

Tom and I have been tasked with bringing the turkey to my family's gathering. And since Tom has never roasted a turkey (and I can't cook), we decided to do a test run with a 13 pound bird. I picked the platter which was my very first brown-and-white piece found on Portobello Road in England almost 20 years ago.     
Ta-da! The turkey came out really good!!! A huge thanks to Tom for making it so dee-lish AND pretty for my little blog :)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I am very grateful that you read my blog. Many thanks ~
Lots of love, 


  1. Yay! ..good for you! It looks perfect Loi :)

    What an absolutely stunning collection of brown transferware. I use (my small collection) for a week or so in honor of Thanksgiving which I believe doesn't receive the recognition it deserves. It's a beautiful holiday that celebrates gratitude and family/friends.. what could be better? AND there are no gifts involved!!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I know you too will be enjoying some R&R and family time:) xxL

  2. That turkey is perfect and so beautifully dressed! I love yours and Ellen's collection of brown transferware. There is no such thing as too much antique China, well at lest that's what I tell my husband. wink, wink. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family in VA!.

  3. Hello Loi, Your collection brown transferware is wonderful and looks great displayed en masse. Our favorite seasonal decoration for Thanksgiving was autumn nuts--hazelnuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, etc., arranged in abundance on a large tray with a wicker cornucopia, with a handy array of nutcrackers and picks. They look great and are very appropriate.

    Your roasted turkey looks delicious, and arranging it so beautifully is almost like gilding the lily. A very happy Thanksgiving to you and Tom.

  4. I learn so much when I visit your beautiful blog, Loi! Your collection of brown transferware, complete with all its history, is lovely. I especially like the way you styled each photos, so carefully complementing each vignette. Ellen's collection is equally pretty, and I can imagine how much fun she has creating beautiful cakes for her clients. Tom's turkey is going to be such a treat at your family gathering, speaking of which, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  5. What a lovely post Loi! You have a beautiful collection of brown transferware and I have now also learnt quite a bit about the history. Your beautifully styled pictures are a visual treat - and that roast turkey certainly looks scrumptious - enjoy your special day!

  6. That turkey would rival Martha Stewart's! I enjoyed see your collection and Ellen's collection of brown and white transferware--nice to mix it up for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving, Loi!


  7. Loi, your transferware collection is gorgeous. Brown is my favorite transferware color. I have one piece (no more than that because my husband doesn't care for transferware much -- can you imagine?). I just love how all the patterns and shapes are different but they all look perfect together.

    Speaking of perfect, that turkey is picture perfect, and so beautifully styled. Well done! I hope you and Tom have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. Every single piece in your collection is stunning! Are you hosting on Thursday? If so, I can't wait to see your table! Have a fabulous week, Loi!!

  9. Wow so beautiful...the brown is so rich and elegant and perfect for this time of year. It works so beautifully in the soft quiet elegance of your neutral palette. Love it! Gobble gobble:) Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  10. I just saw some brown transfer ware in an antique shop and stood and stared at it trying to figure out how/where I could use it. I didn't buy it, but now wishing I had. Gorgeous collection Loi. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  11. I love transferware of any color and your collection is wonderful. I have multiple antique and vintage sets of china that I love to mix in with some of the new sets I have purchased. I think I have the same disease as you do!

  12. Hi Loi!!! I'm so excited you cooked your first turkey! It looks delicious. Brown transferware and purple transferware are my favorite. You have a beautiful collection and I am so happy to now be able to toss around the phrase "contained clutter" :-)
    Have a wonderful time with your family and best of luck with the second turkey!

  13. I think I need to paint you a pretty brown and white transfer pumpkin to go with that amazing collection! I love brown and white transfer ware and another favorite is plum & white too! Gorgeous!

  14. Beautiful (and informative) post, Loi! Though not a collector, I have always admired transferware. And that is Tom's first turkey roast? I would say he nailed it! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, many blessings to you all!

  15. I love brown transferware any time of the year, but especially at Thanksgiving. Your collection is beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Well done to you and Tom. The turkey looks fantastic! But I've never had turkey with sticky rice. You have a vast collection of China. They are so beautiful and elegant. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

  17. Heading to England for the holiday, but having Thanksgiving nevertheless. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Tom! xoxoxo

  18. The "Finale" photo of the perfectly roasted turkey on that special transferware platter beats all I have ever seen!!!!!! A huge Bravo to Tom
    Your collection is unbelievable!!!!!
    I have never had turkey with sticky rice .....I love rice so I assume it's yummy!!!

  19. Hi Loi, I'm not sure what is more delicious, the gorgeous transferware collections or that turkey! Bravo Tom. And turkey over sticky rice sounds yummy. I love how you've displayed your collection and Ellen's is incredible. I don't have any brown transferware - just blue (big shock) and I'm thinking I should change that!

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We'll be with my parents for an early dinner and then ending the day with my friend Dana who always comes up with the prettiest table settings.

    I'm thankful for all the beauty you bring our way! Have a wonderful week!

  20. Happy Thanksgiving! I'll have to give turkey over sticky rice a try as I am sure it is delicious! I also collect brown and white transfer ware and love to use it during Thanksgiving. Thanks for always sharing such beauty with all of us here in blogworld. Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

  21. Loi I adore your collection and all of the beautiful patterns in the brown transferware!Ellen's collection is amazing as well.
    You and Tom have the holiday turkey for dinner done perfectly!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    The Arts by Karena

  22. Every photograph you publish is stunning. Thank YOU for sharing such wonderful things. And now I desperately want a turkey sandwich. #yummy

  23. Your aesthetics are exemplary!! Hello, Ellen!! HAPPY THANKSgiving to ALL!! franki

  24. Beautiful collection! You have me rethinking brown, and transferware which I have none of. Maybe that should be my New Year's res, collect brown transfer ware? And Tom's first turkey is perfect! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. Hello Loi,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Tom. The photos in this post are gorgeous.I love the brown patterns. They do look especially great with the nuts and pine cones. And that turkey looked amazing! Enjoy this beautiful season.

  26. happy thanksgiving, loi! so much to gush about here. the brown and white transferware...i cannot pass it by when thrifting, and i love gifting it as so many of my friend love it. sticky rice? i like it more than turkey and will eat my fair share in january when i am in paradise and visiting my favorite shrimp truck which makes the best! the turkey...delish, and i think i'll copy it because its simplicity is zee bomb! have a wonderful holiday, my friend. peace to you.

  27. I ADORE brown and white..............ADORE.I would always buy for my shop when I had it.It;s hard to find out here in CALIFORNIA!I have just two plates which I covet....................
    Your BIRD looks smashing!I'm making my shopping list now...........best go and finish!
    HAPPY THANKS GIVING..............LOI!

  28. OMGosh so much gorgeousness in brown and white!! Love how you have it displayed so artfully and tell Tom that is one gorgeous turkey!! Love the open pomegranates with their red jewels . Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!! xo Kathysue

  29. what a beautiful collection + i too am a nut for antique china + your turkey look delicious + happy thanksgivng to you and tom. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  30. Hi Loi, Your photographs are incredibly gorgeous. The Louis XV chair vignette is perfection. Loving it all. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by all those that you love. xoxo Mary

  31. A lovely collection of transferware Loi. Wishing you and Tom a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Madelief x

  32. Oh loi, dim sum and turkey over stickey rice? Yes, please! I am ditting here at my school desk waiting for parents to come in for conferencing, but it is slow. I am having fun looking at your collection and dreaming. Good job on the turkey and a big thanks to you and tom for always inviting us into your gorgeous home!!!!!
    Happy thanksgiving with your family anita

  33. Happy Thanksgiving Loi! Hope you had time to enjoy our beautiful Northern VA weather today - before the snow sets in! Never had a "white" Thanksgiving before now. Thank you for sharing your lovely collection of transferware. The French pate keeper is a wonderful piece - I think my favorite of the collection. Have a beautiful weekend with your family. Cheers!

  34. Loi,
    I love your collection and that of your friend. I really liked the platter with the hunt scene images...anything with dogs on it is wonderful, in my book. Wow, for a first turkey it appears you two nailed it. It's not only beautiful but looked delicious. That will be fun to be with your family on Thanksgiving, did you say you have quite a few siblings? That will be very jolly.
    Enjoy the week, my friend.

  35. Loi, what a delight it is to see your wonderful collection of brown and white transfer ware. Like you, I tend to bring out my collection of brown and white transfer ware in the autumn. Can't begin to compare with yours, but I'm happy with the small collection that has come my way through the years. I like the Aesthetic Movement designs for all the reasons you point out about the details of these pieces.
    You and Tom did a terrific job on the turkey. Love the styling with the pomegranates. All the best to both of you for a wonderful celebration with your family. I think they will be impressed with your turkey!

  36. Loi, your taste is so good that I'm almost changing my mind about hating brown! I'm glad you use your transferware. I'm a china hoarder too. Very few of my pieces are expensive though :) your and Tom's turkey is beautiful. I do love red on a turkey platter. I'm doing my platter with mostly green this year. Apples, grapes, and tons of parsley. I'm using my 25 inch oval silver tray and dome, so I have to fill it somehow! I am pretty much ready for Thanksgiving. I have my plans for the next few days all mapped out by the hour. My family calls me "Holiday Hitler". I might be a little obnoxious with my holiday planning. But it's impossible to pull off a big meal like this without planning. As I've learned the hard way!
    The fusion of Chinese tradition and Thanksgiving sounds so fun. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  37. Fantastic and informative post Loi! I needed this primer on transfer ware. Your collection is enviable and it looks beautiful in your home. Have a wonderful Thansgiving to you and Tom. Beautiful turkey and presentation! Xo Nancy

  38. Tom's turkey is picture perfect and the display of your transfer ware collection is so pretty! Happy Thanksgiving!

  39. Your collections and the way you present them are always inspiring. The brown and white items are particularly elegant. I am equally impressed with the test turkey. It too is particularly elegant. I hope you and Tom and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.
    All the best...Victoria

  40. I love brown and white transfer- ware...and that french ironstone piece is lovely...have a wonderful Thanksgiving...

  41. wonderful pieces in your collection loi.
    i too collect brown & white transfer ware but i detect pieces in yours that i am coveting, particularly that asymmetrical platter!
    THANK YOU for sharing your world with us, am ever intrigued.
    tom's turkey is a gorgeous still life. my best to you both

  42. Well you look set with that turkey! Love your collections :) Happy Thanksgiving.

  43. Your transferware presentation is one to envy! Even your turkey would make Martha Stewart proud! Wishing you and yours a delightful and blessed Thanksgiving!

  44. I certainly feel privileged to have been "introduced" to Ellen a few months ago! The flowers she did for me were just lovely, and all thanks to your connection. This was a real treat to see Ellen's collection…. maybe, maybe someday I can meet you both in person!
    You and Tom outdid yourselves (and all of us!) with that turkey presentation: I should be so lucky on Thursday! Hope you have a lovely holiday.

  45. Everything you do Loi makes me feel like "I want that!" Love the brown transferware and brown walls! I've never collected much of anything but cat hair and dust. But when I see collections of pieces like this, it makes me want to! Ellen's home is charming and THAT turkey! Gorgeous! xo, Laurel

  46. Loi lovely brown transferware. I have always been drawn to the brown and cream. Wishing you and Tom a beautiful day on Thanksgiving.

  47. I agree with Laurel Bern. Everything you do is so absolutely beautiful. I saw a brown and white table setting on Instagram the other day (it was the combination of antique brown transferware and modern white platter) and I fell in love with it. Now after reading this post, I might convert (I'm a blue transferware girl) into brown. I wouldn't know what to do if you pull out red transferware for Christmas. Haha! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! p.s. Dim sum & turkey over sticky rice for Thanksgiving dinner sounds amazing!

  48. Dear Loi,

    I find the design of the brown transfers very exciting, and their charm is what has drawn me for years to collect Victorian ephemera. The graphic designer in me also appreciates your very appropriate font choice for the "Brown & White" header. :o)

    I hope you and Tom have a happy Thanksgiving!

  49. Hi Loi,
    Haven't checked in a while - grandsons, tumbler, pinterest amazon prime, and wyeth must-read-books will do that to you. Anyway, I love your new basement. Such a difference! And your penchant for brown transferware collecting somehow justifies my seven sets of china. It is a disease and am glad not to be alone in it.

    Always love checking in and being inspired. Thanksgiving greetings,

  50. The plate collection on the wall is fabulous! The details are super stunning!! Beautiful designs. Thanks for sharing!

    Ps. Happiest of Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family. xx

  51. Such beautiful vignettes, Loi, and a great history lesson, too! Turkey over sticky rice sounds delicious especially with gravy - yum. Given that we're not huge fans of Stovetop stuffing, we may just have to add rice to the menu this year. Wishing you and yours a wonderful fun-filled day!
    C + C

  52. Thank you so much Loi for mentioning my blog giveaway! I'm so honored to be your friend even though I'm sure that we must've been separated at birth. Somehow? lol I'm grateful to have found you and so appreciate all the support you have so generously given me for some 2.5 years now! Your exquisite blog has given me so much joy and inspiration! Blessings to you and your family for a fabulous holiday! xoxox ~ Laurel

  53. Hello Loi and Tom, Wishing you both the joys of Thanksgiving.
    The turkey looks absolutely delicious and how beautifully presented. Your transfer ware collection is rich and rare. I love how you have displayed it.

  54. Happy Thanksgiving Loi and Tom! The little bird looks yummy ;). Love your collection and always enjoy the history lessons Loi. Beautiful!
    XO Sarah

  55. Holiday Blessings Loi...I hope you and Tom have a great day with your family..love love your dishes! Are you getting snow snow snow???

  56. Your brown transfer ware looks perfect for this season Loi - wishing you and Tom a happy time with your family this Thanksgiving.

  57. Loi,

    A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you, Tom and your pups.

    I love your brown and white Transferware! I have a small collection of my own and it always make me smile when I bring it out.

    Be safe in the storm and eat lots of tasty treats!

  58. Loi, Impressive the turkey you and Tom cooked! Seriously Martha material there with the pomegranates and cranberries. Beautiful! I am so envious of your brown transfer ware! It is a lovely collection and especially your first platter. I would love to collect it. My grandmother has Johnson Brother's Old English Countryside and it reminds me of that. This Thanksgiving I brought out all my old silver flatware and mixed it with white china. It would be wonderful to have something brown like these to add to it! Wishing you and Tom a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo Kim

  59. Beautiful Loi and Tom....

    Thank you dear friend for coming to visit and leaving a comment during this very busy time. Oh how I wish I could taste some of that Chinese food today! My dear colleague in the world language department who teaches Chinese often brings her Chinese lunch, heats it in the micro as we talk shop, and all I'm thinking is, "I WANT CHINESE FOOD RIGHT NOW."

    May your feast today be filled with love and great memories, and I too am thankful for know you, such a gentle soul. LOVE TO YOU BOTH! Anita

  60. I'm completely overwhelmed yet again - your collection of brown transferware is so fabulous Loi, and your display is truly beautiful!
    I also love the pieces shown in your friend Ellen's home. Loi, when I noticed the Johnson Brothers PETUNIA pattern on the very unusual shaped platter I immediately looked for my two pieces - just plates but much-loved - and decided to do a post today on them. I've linked back to you here so you will get some new visitors. I know they will adore seeing your collection and all the many beautiful things you share with us often.

    Hope your trip to Virginia was not hampered by the snow! Turkey in the snow is different, although I recall when I lived in New Hampshire many years ago we were snowed in one Thanksgiving!

    Stay safe and enjoy the holiday. Looking forward to seeing what you wow us with for Christmas!!
    Hugs - Mary

  61. Loi ~ What an amazing post! Your collection is so fabulous and your photos are perfect! Your post is so thorough, informative and incredibly interesting. I love how you displayed them all together as collection, which makes them quite a stunning statement! Thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  62. Dear Loi - Happy Thanksgiving to you & Tom, may the love & warmth of your family & friends fill your day with much joy. Thanksgiving is not an Aussie tradition, but it's Son #5's wedding here tomorrow, so we are celebrating warmly too, albeit in the 110F heat of a late afternoon garden wedding!
    Love Millie xx

  63. Such a stunning collection! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  64. This is a perfectly inspiring collection this fine Friday. It takes me years to collect anything of greatness as your transferware here. Loi it's the most amazing collection and you always display your pieces well. I also have a crazy addiction to china settings, and just recently restricted myself from bringing anymore home that only ends up in a cupboard. I have sold off many trendy patterns so I can fit in some ironstone piece, new and older.
    I always, always look forward to a new posting from you, Tone On Tone! to share a bit of you and your friends collections was awww inspiring.
    As for your holiday bird, it looks as golden as ours turned out, Tom did a beautiful job, looks like beautiful makings for turkey sandwiches.
    Thank you dear for taking the time to visit my site, were it brings me nothing but joy to share with like beautiful bloggers as you.
    you know Loi, I am not sure why you have not produced a book, it would be filled with the best of the best in designs and history to collecting.
    It would truly be a Tone On Tone best seller, it would be on the top of my list to buys.

    Well dear, a beautiful December to you, looking forward to where you will be during the holidays and all that you inspire.


  65. Oh my Loi, your collection is just wonderful and I feel a bit envious really because each piece is a work of art!!! I love dark/deep brown as well since for me it's like the 'gentleman's neutral' - very distinctly classy yet so warm. Your turkey looks relish and I love how you arranged it on your platter, I just put parsley on mine this year, what were the berries you used? I saw the pomegranate, what were the leaves? Definitely stealing this idea for next year. Thanks for the giveaway info as well!!!!

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  67. Loi-
    I know that I sound like a broken record, but everything is stunning! I adore your transferware!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  68. I just adore your transferware and the brown and white is gorgeous. We didn't do the cooking this year, but had lots of wonderful time with family…hope you and Tom had a wonderful one!!

  69. I used my collection of various mismatched brown transferware plates on my Thanksgiving table this year with amber glass bottles and jars filled with dried allium heads.

    It was quirky, yet beautiful.


  70. I love transfer ware, your brown and white collection is beautiful. Thank you for the 101 on Aestheticism! Your pairing of the vase with love birds and the plate with sprigs of flowers makes it look like a natural outdoor scene. Also for sharing how you manage your collections, that is such a good idea. I am going to start thinking more about "rotating collections". I adore the Maison Quillet pate holder, I am so glad you included it in the display. Ellens kitchen wall is inspiring, I have started something like that in my pantry (blue and white anything); and guest room (black and white transfer ware). I wonder if she had all of the pieces to start or if she composed it as she found the pieces? Her square dish with the dragonfly is so sweet. Wonderful post, Loi, thank you! Oh! Stop by the market, where I talk about shaking things up with Thanksgiving leftovers by making Vietnamese spring rolls and phad thai with ones turkey and brussel sprouts, you've probably already done this though!

  71. Hello darling Loi,
    I was only talking about you the other night whilst having dinner with Meg from Pigtown Design who is visiting from Baltimore. We raised our glasses of Mojito to you!

    So, I have come by for a peek after a few weeks absence from blogging and now see it is brown and white transfer ware I have to start collecting :-) You are such a trendsetter Loi, I know I never have to look far for ideas of what to sell next. Here's hoping you have a wonderful festive season. Will you be in your new home?
    Much joy and love to you both.

  72. Greetings! Your collection of ironstone/transferware is enviable :) (I don't envy, please rest assured). Thanks for sharing it.
    Best wishes,

  73. Loi, I have read your post about brown transfere ware several times. Beautiful! I especially appreciate your sharing the paint color Java from BM. I have been searching for a color for my guest room/library/office/music room for qute some time. I think this is it. The room faces south and west with 4 big windows. is it too bright for such a color? Thanks for your wonderful blog. Anne

    1. Anne: This is a rich color that can handle strong light. But you should paint a sample on a large board and try it around the room. Good luck!

  74. What an enviable collection. I have always loved transferware and this collection is to die for. What a wonderful post as always Loi

  75. Nice post.. I have read you blog post “Brown and White Transfer ware for Thanksgiving” and it is very beautiful and pretty antiques images. if you are looking for antiques auction online then visit www.valuethisnow.com and find best value for your antique.

  76. I have never seen such an exquisite collection of Brown and White Transferware....and thanks for sharing the beautiful collection belonging to Ellen....great job on the turkey and the presentation is gorgeous!!

  77. Loi,
    I LOVE LOVE transferware! I have some of the rarer green color pieces and I have this awesome set of currier & ives dinner plates, with a winter scene that belonged to my husband's grandmother. I believe the story went that she collected them from flour purchases or something. The brown is gorgeous too, will those be available online?
    Hope all is well with you and yours.

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