Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November Greetings

Well, it's been a while! Great to be back on the blog. All good here, just lots going on.

To start, we recently received a packed 40-foot container at the shop. That's twice the amount of antique goodies we normally bring over from Europe. And, that's twice the amount of dusting! Tom and I have been busier than Santa's elves. Here's a sneak peek:
An early Scandinavian Neoclassical chest-on-chest with a graphic Greek key frieze and four wrought iron handles. This is a large piece that makes a statement, so give it a place of prominence. A pair of Italian giltwood candelabras with wrought iron arms play up those big iron handles on the chest. For more drama, I've hung an Italian sunburst mirror with an unusual form resembling a flower.

The early Mora clock next to the chest is Swedish Rococo from the 18th century.
The Neoclassical bookcase is sold, so please focus on the pair of barrel back chairs. Sculptural and comfortable, the barrel back chair is a coveted Swedish chair model. These have sweeping sabre legs to boot. Newly upholstered in our signature greige linen, they are ready for holiday guests.
A tone-on-tone palette! This pair of Swedish Gustavian console tables are from the last shipment, but I'm featuring them again because they fit the Neoclassical theme in this post.
A collection of cast plaster architectural plaques from an atelier in Paris. Speaking of Paris, our thoughts and prayers are with friends, colleagues and everyone there, and throughout France.
L E T   T H E R E   B E   L I G H T !
During these months when daylight is shortest, I understand why the Swedes rely on their palette of wintery whites and dove grays to brighten interiors.

A pair of Swedish Gustavian chairs pulled up to a pedestal table. The Danish Royal Copenhagen bisqueware plaque is a copy of Day by Bertel Thorvaldsen.
 An 18th century Swedish stepback vitrine cabinet with geometric lines. Inside is a collection of antique Creil creamware from France - notice how their octagonal form echos the angles of the vitrine. 
Much, much more in the new shipment - please stop in to see it all.

At this time of year, I normally bring out my collection of antique brown-and-white transferware. But, I'm thrilled to say the collection has found a new home. Yes, I'm paring down, becoming a minimalist. Just kidding! I am running out of room at home, as the other collections (creamware, ironstone, salt glaze, mercury glass, etc) have grown considerably.

Remember my friend and client, Ceane, with the smart kitchen makeover?? She adopted the collection, and is keeping it intact - THANK YOU, Ceane! (I did hold back a few pieces but, shhhh, don't tell Tom.) 
Just in time for Thanksgiving. Ceane and I decided the transferware should go in the built-ins of her beautiful dining room. There's still room to layer in more pieces, so it will be exciting to grow the collection. We are now working on wall art.
This little guy approves :)

By the way, are you on Instagram (IG)? I am: @LoiThai 
Look for daily posts + a MAJOR announcement coming soon.

Here are a couple of recent shares on IG:
 Fall inside and outside our 99-year old home.
I've also teamed up with three friends (Erin, Kelly, and Shannon) for a #RestyleAndRefresh Instagram challenge to showcase decor changes in our homes. These can be new vignettes, holiday accents and / or refreshes of any kind.

If you are on IG, follow the four of us and post your photos with #RestyleAndRefresh for a chance to be featured on our IG accounts and blogs.

Now meet my co-hosts:

 Erin of The Sunny Side Up
First up is Erin who recently built a gorgeous new home - lots of inspiration and ideas on her blog! Above is her stunning dream kitchen. Feel free to also share Instagram photos of updates in your kitchen, etc.
 Shannon of Fox Hollow Cottage
Shannon fills her cottage with charm and collected pieces - she's a styling genius! Her vignettes are creative and approachable. I love Shannon's fall mantelscape with its patina and texture. Go ahead and share your fall Instagram vignettes with us.
  Kelly of Eclectically Vintage
Kelly's 100-year old home is cool and eclectic, just like she! If you want fun, fabulous home projects, pop over to Kelly's blog and, while there, check out her holiday decor such as the above Christmas mantel with festive mercury glass. Kelly and the rest of us want to see your Christmas photos on Instagram.

 Here are two recent #RestyleAndRefresh photos we selected:
ABOVE: A cheerful Christmas corner in Alma's home, which is bright and beautiful. Check out her IG site.

BELOW: Bec's awesome living room styled and layered effortlessly for Christmas. Here's her IG site.
Whew! This post is long enough, so more next time.


  1. Glad to see a post from you! I looooooove that pair of tables! So beautiful.

  2. Loi, I am looking forward to finding out what your big announcement is all about.

    wonderful new shop pieces. how do you ever part with some of those pieces? I would be heart-broken to let that chest go.


  3. Wonderful to see you pop up on my sidebar. Beautiful shipment! The stepback cabinet is my favorite. Lucky Ceane to acquire that lovely brown and white collection. We have a small bit here, and it comes out for the autumn months. It seems to play well with seasonal things this time of year. '-)
    I'm just getting started on IG, so thanks for adding your link. I'm now following along.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Tom. I bet your table is going to be gorgeous!

  4. Awe! Lovely post! Your styling and taste are impeccable. I can't imagine how hard it is to let all those fabulous finds go? I'd be doing the one for me, one for the shop... oh wait, I already do that! Happy Holidays friend.

  5. love the new tag and hello beautiful new goodies! that greek key chest is drool worthy, and i LOVE the cabinet! beautiful!

  6. I love the brown and white transfer ware in its new home; elegant and understated. Looking forward to the announcement!

  7. Hello Loi, After an unexpectedly warm day here, your Swedish antiques look so cool and relaxing. My favorite photo is of the garden--green summer inside, vibrant autumn just outside the gate!

  8. Love all the new pieces - especially the charming mirror.

  9. So much beauty...all in one post. WOW! Those chairs, that chest, the cabinet...in love!! Enjoy your day and thanks for a nice healthy dose of beauty to start my day:)

  10. Your summer trip sure had its rewards! Your neutral presentations are always stunning and though I am a real color person, I so appreciate how warm and inviting your neutrals are. I can see this as being one of the reasons you and Linsey are drawn to one another.

  11. Dear Loi,
    So many gorgeous pieces!!! All fantastic, each and every one of them!
    Stay well dear friend.

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  13. i was so relieved/elated/inspired to see you in my email's inbox today! oh, loi, the shipment is insanely beautiful. you have inspired me to go swedish with our master bedroom which will have to be done on a shoestring budget. we easily plowed through the budget for this fixer upper and still have rooms to renovate! i am thinking i will make-over the furniture i have and try to do the labor myself. so often these budget restraints end up being a blessing since creativity must reign as opposed to clicking away at one king's lane (notice i did not say 'at tone on tone' as that would be blasphemy, yer majesty). your transferware collection looks stunning in ceane's space just in time for thanksgiving! i'm thankful for you, friend. for your gracious spirit and talents. for the gift of your blog. peace to you.

  14. Hi Loi, This container is amazingly gorgeous. I'm in love with the first neoclassical two part chest of drawers--just my style. Chucky, sophisticated get not frou-frou. I'll be posting tonight. Hav also been so busy and good. XXOXOXOX Mary

  15. Loi, I think I am coming over to the tone-on-tone side. I am loving the light monochromatic look these days. I want it all! xo Kerry

  16. Dusty or not, I can only imagine how much fun it must be to unpack those containers. As usual, amazing finds. And even though it's sold, I can't stop thinking about that neoclassical bookcase. You didn't buy it for me for Christmas, did you? Oh Loi, you shouldn't have!

  17. Such a fun post Loi! Beautiful images and furniture. You are insanely talented and I have loved getting to know you through IG and now your beautiful blog. Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration my friend! xo

  18. What a gorgeous haul of exquisite treasures!!!....So glad that your transferware found a most beautiful home to be in...one that will treasure that collection as much as you did....Great features from the IG's!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Tom!

  19. Love it ALL! OK, my favorite piece is the Swedish stepback vitrine cabinet. Holy cow! My favorite photo: the grinning boy:) What a sweetheart! Have fun cleaning and cleaning! Anyone who is not following you on IG- MUST FOLLOW!!!! xoxo, K

  20. Oh loi your world is bright and lovely and I wish I could make my house as pretty. You are fun to follow and so kind as well. I am just so glad I found you on blogging and that your world is a happy one!! Your shop has to be the most beautiful one I have seen . Much love to you and Tom!!!!

  21. Love this cheerful post of beautiful things. Know you are busy but always enjoy your posts!

  22. Welcome back, Loi! We've missed your lovely posts and love everything in this one. Especially the gorgeous chest on chest. Hope you're having a great week so far.
    C + C

  23. Loi,
    I can always rely on you to inspire me. Love furniture and the accessories are always so beautifully styled.
    I am thankful for IG...it's fun and easy to see what's going on with everyone.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  24. style + can't wait for your annocement.xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  25. Beautiful things come in large containers!!! Love everything as always Loi - and your displays are perfect.
    Can't believe you parted with most of your brown transferware. . . . . . and you just know we all wanted it! Lucky Ceane - tell her to take good care of it - and all looks beautiful in her lovely home.

    Having recently returned from France, including several days in Paris, I'm devastated by all that has/is happening there. My thoughts are with so many people, including my own family members, who live there.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Tom, and your families. We have much to be thankful for whilst others are suffering.
    With love, Mary

  26. *Sigh* Such beautiful items and the staging is faultless. Mouse

  27. Gorgeous Loi- looks
    Like the best shipment yet! Love
    That Neoclassic chest- art all its own. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving to
    You and Tom! Xo Nancy

  28. Loi, a bright, shining star in a sometimes ugly world! Thanks for sharing all of your treasures! I love everything! I cannot wait to check out your blog friends, blogs!

    Have a wonderful week and thank you for sharing your beautiful house, store and self!

  29. Hi Loi,
    Great post and beautiful photos! I`m on IG too,@vesna011, and love to see you there too!
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  30. Everything is just so lovely Loi! I really want a Moira clock!!! We're planning to visit DC in the Spring, if we push thru I will definitely be stopping by to see you and your gorgeous store! Just joined in on the fun on IG!

  31. Sorry to be so late in coming to visit Loi. Your posts always brighten my day and I adore all of your furnishings!!!

    The Arts by Karena
    The Blink of an Eye


  32. Loi, great post and pictures. I love Scandinavian style for the simplicity of their ideas and for the color palette, which tends to be light and pale…simply gorgeous! Regarding the Christmas spirit, I like Alma's corner…it is so cheerful and stylish...very, very nice.
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  33. Loi,
    Well out of all those containers packed with found treasures you have amazing beauty to offer in your store. Your eye is keenly aware of what gorgeous antiques is all about. You have me curious about your group effort with blogger friends and photos on IG. I will in January start to post photos on IG not shown on my blog, photos that have an emotional feel to them. Loi yesterday I posted a poem written from my heart, come visit.

  34. Oh loi, I am going to go hunt you down on I.G this way I can share in your twice as much beauty and inspiration.
    Love your shop pieces always. I think your shop would be one of my very favorites to shop if I were a Washington D.C girl!
    Your clients respect what you say and create it's so obvious in how they stay true to how you create. of course being a designer myself in staging and the upper scale look that an estate model home requires limits oneself in areas of passion for the dramatic in the fine use of antiques to the average home buyer that comes through, but trust me I always slip in a few wow dramatic pieces that set the tone of a well lived space no matter what the budget is.

    Love your style, beauty, passion for the refine, and collective soul with the use of stone wares.
    See you and all you are surprising us with soon.

    Come visit my dear, I have some holiday ideas playing out in my home.


  35. Uplifting post - just right for grey November days!
    Love the Chest on Chest! Beautiful.
    Warmest greetings from the Périgord,

  36. Love all these images. Your taste is impeccable.

  37. Hello Loi,
    Such gorgeous style and inspirational images. Your antiques are simply divine and such a treat to follow along for updates.

  38. Greetings! Love your new shipment specially the plaster architectural plaques. Have a nice holiday season.

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