Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Patina Farm Book

At last, spring! I've been looking forward to the return of songbirds, fresh landscapes, and brighter days. I love the sights, sounds, smells and sunshine this time of year.

I've also been looking forward to the release of a very special book: Patina Farm! Written by my friends, Steve and Brooke Giannetti, acclaimed architect and designer, Patina Farm is more than a design book. It is a celebration of the Giannetti farm where old meets new, form meets function, and indoor meets out.

Their home as well as farm buildings are all newly built. But thanks to the use of antiques and reclaimed materials, the result is a soulful patina evident everywhere. Just step into Brooke's office where antique wall panels take center stage and become a stunning backdrop, while concealing a closet of necessities. Like the other rooms, the office enjoys uninterrupted views of the garden. There is seamless harmony between house and garden. 

Speaking of the garden, the Giannettis thoughtful mix of ancient trees on the property plus new beds of rosemary, lavender and roses is not only beautiful but clever. They refreshed and relandscaped respectfully.

Here is a preview of Patina Farm:    
So beautiful!! Signed copies of Patina Farm can be ordered here.


  1. Hello Loi, The Giannetti's have made great use of antiques and architectural salvage in their new house. I like that France-meets-California look, although the glassed-in bath might be a little too California for my taste. I especially like the rambling nature of the house, the idea that something unusual awaits through the doorway or around the next bend.

    1. I AGREE! However.......if you stood in that glassed-in bathroom........I think you would change your mind. Fortunately; I live nearby; we are friends......and I was doubtful.......when I walked in.....I wanted to take a shower and a bath there in the worst way! Honestly......it is the most beautiful, private and understated bathroom......ever........Parnassus.....I think you would LOVE!!!

      You are one of my favorites!

      This entire house takes my breath away with its understated, natural chic. It is the most livable house.....the most warm and welcoming house...it is just a triumph. That is all I can say without sputtering on for way too long!

      Brilliant......that it was it is.....and it all shows i the book!

      ps pictures cannot do justice.......please both of you ; come see!!!

  2. OMG.....eery image is better than the previous! I loved their first book.....so I know I will be getting this one! Thanks for the preview.....

  3. Hi Loi, Everything Brooke and Steve touch turns out beautifully. They seem to have an innate sense of this oh so lovely design style!

    Featuring Artist Scott McBee

  4. Brooke and Steve have a gorgeous home. This is a "must have".
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I enJOYed every page in this "page-turner" book!! franki

  6. Oh I sigh every time I see your home, work and shop, and the same thing happens to me when I see the Giannetti's work. SIGH! I am getting this. I was just paging through their first book yesterday (I am on spring break, loving every lazy, quiet minute of it!) and today, I am going to continue to play HOUSE. LOVE to you, Loi! Anita

  7. Loi,
    Their farm and grounds are spectacular. I love their style and it's so fun to see the seasons around their home, not to mention the sweet farm animals.
    This book is on my "mother's day" wish list.

  8. Thank you so much, Loi! We are so thrilled to know that you enjoyed "Patina Farm"! Your designs have always been a wonderful source of inspiration for our designs. I'm sure you see the influence of Tone on Tone throughout Patina Farm :)


    Brooke and Steve

  9. I could not wait to get my hands on this book and it is wonderful. I keep picking it up and studying it over and over.

  10. That outdoor tub is too die for! Thanks for sharing this beautiful book, Loi. Wishing you a spring full of fun and flowers!
    C + C

  11. Loi, this book is on my wish list. I must get it ordered. Thanks for the overview. Patina Farm has long inspired me. The Giannettis make a great team!

  12. Hello Loi,
    Patina Farm is a beautiful book. I will pick up a copy when I return to the USA. The Giannetti's lovingly put so much into their home. It is refreshing to see the work of an architect come to fruition. They are a unique team.
    Thanks for sharing and wishing you joy and success as you move forward to your new ventures.
    Helen xx

  13. I LOVE this book!!!...so much that I created something as inspiration from the book....actually on the blog on Thursday. Their home and property are magnificent!....Now I am waiting for you to write a book!....

  14. The interiors are beautiful and what a stunning property! Just feeding my fantasy that I would be quite content living in California. xoxo

  15. Hi Loi! I just got mine and cannot wait to sit down and immerse myself in all that is Patina style!
    Steve and Brooke are such an uber talented couple!

  16. Hi Loi ... you've just persuaded me to order a copy! How charming it all looks!... I love their aesthetic. Lovely as always.. Enjoy your spring days. xx

  17. I know! This book is amazing!! I can't stop paging thru it each day!!

  18. I can't wait to get my hands on the book, I have followed their progress from beginning to end and it is a dream! I love how their outdoor spaces relate to the indoor rooms, and you know me, I love all their animals! Hope all is well Loi, Happy Spring! xo Nancy

  19. Hi Loi, Patina Farm is a slice of heaven--and donkeys, too. Brooke and Steve have created a space that will ripen with time, as only true classics can. Thanks. Mary

  20. Love the book. I want to review it on my blog, too, Loi!

  21. Loi this is so beautiful! I have to have a copy after reading your well written blog post! Thank you so much for sharing. It has been such a pleasure to connect with you via Instagram. You are such an talented designer. xo

  22. Oh my, what a visual treat! Must get my copy soon!

  23. Loi, I am in love with Patina Farm and this book and those little goats too. Brooke and Steve are so talented and watching them build their dream home via the blog was a treat.

    I hope that you are well and enjoying Spring!

  24. Looks like a beautiful book Loi. Oh that garden....

    Have a good week!


  25. I've enjoyed this book so much, they are so talented. Looks like their farm has been there forever!

  26. Love this book so much! The minute I heard it was coming out, I couldn't get it fast enough! And you did a wonderful post (Of course I had to pin every shot!) Their style is so layered and full of character, I just love it.


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